Tips on booking a wedding band

Thinking of hiring a live band for your wedding? Here are a few tips to help you decide on how to hire a band for your special occasion.

·        You will probably have chosen your venue first of all, so check how much space there is for a band and how many could fit in the space allocated. This may be only suitable for a 3 or 4 piece rather than a larger 6 or 7 piece band. Some venues already have a stage in place.

·        Also, check the venue doesn’t have a sound limiter, this may reduce your options to acoustic bands only. A sound limiter restricts how loud a band can play and is usually set at 95 decibels, for more information on these please visit the Music8 blog page.

·        Decide on what your budget range will be for your band, but leave room for a bit extra just in case.

·        Do you know what style of music you are looking for? With all styles of bands and genres to choose from it’s always best to take into consideration what your family and guests will also like.

·        When you look for your band you will find videos of the band performing and song lists with their full repertoire and reviews from previous brides and grooms on all of Music8’s bands which will help you with your choice.

·        Band hire is very important and it is always wise to check that your band will have full public liability insurance and all their equipment is PAT tested. This is always provided by the bands.

·        Each band will also provide a PA system and some stage lighting if the venue does not have this in place.

·        Take into account that the band will need feeding and supplied with soft drinks as it usually will be a long day.

·        Most important, book early to avoid the disappointment of not having the band you like available for your big day.

These are just a few points to look out for when booking your band for your wedding. Music8 Agency will help you choose your perfect band.

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