Draft, Tips for Writing the Perfect First Draft of Your Medical School Personal Statement

Struggling to start off your medical school personal statement? Are you looking for the right steps involved in creating the perfect first draft of your medical school personal statement with help? If that’s the case, here are some of the tips that experts give in order to help you kick off the task of writing the first draft. 

Here are the steps involved in writing one of the best medical school personal statements ever: 

  • Brainstorm

A black page can be easily daunting. It can crowd your thoughts and scare you off enough to – convince you to delay your writing. This will not last long—brainstorm and then brain dump. The first challenge that you take on as the brian storm and brain dump process goes on is, learning to selectively decide what not to write. Look up the school’s marking scheme and begin to formulate your draft according to that format. The marking varies from school to school, so make sure to check according to schools corresponding to the ones that you’re looking for. 

The Main Criteria that Schools Gauge One On: 

    • The driving motivation and commitment to becoming a doctor.
    • The realistic and true understanding of medicine and the role doctors play. 
    • Great communication skills
    • The ability to work with other doctors, nurses, and technicians to determine team working.
    • How actively involved one is in school life and having a wider community. 
    • Intelligence quotient, emotional ability, academic curiosity, and ability to problem-solve. 

Before you begin to write, make sure that all these criteria are covered. 

  • Elaborate on Personal Experiences

The next most important task is to look up experiences in your life that you can relate to these areas mentioned below and try to tie down the experiences alongside the above-mentioned point. One anecdote can easily drive home the point that you are trying to bring home. Elaborate on these personal experiences and write about them in detail to give the admissions board a clear idea of your reasons for pursuing medicine. These experiences build character, and character comes from perseverance, so make sure to go through the experience and take them through it step by step. Along with that, begin to list out all the awards that you have won and all your achievements so that they can easily gauge your mental, intellectual, and emotional ability. 

  • Opening Line

The key to any great medical school personal statement lies in its foremost sentence – the opening sentence. The opening sentence has to be powerful and impactful. The importance of a hook and reel line is too much. You need a line that evokes emotion, whereas it also gives one the idea that it reeled them into studying medicine. It needs to show finesse in executing the perfect opening statement. Look up the importance of opening lines and try to work out a beautiful triggering line that you could go with for your application’s personal statement. You can also easily consult with medical school personal statement editing services to help you fine-tune your personal statement to fit well into the program without making you look desperate.