Tips for choosing the Right Software Development Process

The inventory of any Company’s software inventory can make or break the viability of organizational framework. In various industries software infrastructure is becoming valuable asset for many brands. There is strong need to make insightful decisions concerning every fine detail of web and app development. Software development life cycles help in making choices of functionalities and features. Making wrong decisions in choosing the Software Development Lifecycle can lead to delayed services and unhappy customers and ultimately occurs a big disaster.

In this article we will reveal some important aspects that will surely help you make the most optimal decisions in the area of software development or in providing the software development services.

Before making the best choice in software development process; let’s have a look on some widely used software development life cycles.

Waterfall Model

Waterfall is the oldest Lifecycle model. On many occasions this traditional technique has proven itself highly effective. This Waterfall method clearly defines sequential phases and all phase objectives as well. This method requires intermediate reviews of work progress to ensure that every phase is running good before the next phase’s kicks in.

Iterative Model

This method approaches the development of software on incremental basis. This model starts with partially completed system and then adds further features until whole system is developed. Comparing Waterfall Method this method provides more flexibility in the process of development. As this is iterative method you can easily improve the previous iterations in this method.

Agile Model

To cater the needs generated by the rapid progressions occurring in the wake of internet AGILE draws from the Iterative method. In AGILE model the progress is handles in bits and stages like Iterative model. Comparing Iterative model the progress occurs more rapidly in AGILE model. This model enhances the collaboration and flexibility in the process of development.

Let’s find out some tips for choosing the best software development lifecycle.

Level of Flexibility

Before choosing the Software Development Lifecycle model must consider the flexibility of your specifications. The ideal methods for web and app development are Agile and Iterative models as frequently changes occur along the line. For classic web and app development Waterfall model is the best technique where stability and predictability in various phases is the requirement.

Define End-Users Clearly

If you are targeting some specific audience with some specific requirements than must clear your audience that why are you using the specific method and how it can be helpful in the development process. Agile and Iterative Methods would be best if you are targeting end-users are dispersed because you will mostly like have to deal with wads of feedback.

Tips for Hiring best Developers for Development

The developers are most important part as they can make or break the effectiveness of SDLC model for development. Let’s discuss some tips how you can hire software developers for your development.

  • The very first thing that you must consider that your developers must have some successful track records completed projects. Read the customer reviews about the developers before hiring your developer.
  • The right number of developers for your project is another important factor. Before choosing the development company considers this fact that they are providing the right number of developers for your project.
  • Must clear yourself about the testing lifecycles and methodologies of development team as well.


Offshore software development is another concern in the development process. You can also hire offshore developers for your projects. We hope this article will help you in choosing the best team of developers and development lifecycle. You can hire the team developers of ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd to make your project just right for your business.

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