Tincture Boxes – Reverse Tuck or Straight Tuck Which Box Style

You have started your CBD business (Tincture Boxes) after the legalization of this, now the most important thing you have to do first is select a packaging style for your product. You cannot run your business successfully if you cannot decide which packaging affects you more. It becomes more necessary when you want to establish your brand for tinctures. You have done all things even you have got the certificate for tincture selling and want to introduce your brand in the market. You have to think again about your packaging style.

You must have select that style which can impress the people. You know the specific market needs. For tinctures, there are two main designs reverse tuck and straight tuck. Tincture Bottle Boxes also use a lot and the straight tuck design is familiar too. You have to choose folding closure with front edges these can help the customers what they are purchasing. Straight tuck style boxes are most used for the electronic industry for butter handling the devices and on the other side, the reverse tuck styles use for the joint that is used to fold inner side and top can fold forward. It’s the easiest method for any box to open it.

There are some elements in which you can choose better Reverse Tuck Tinctures Bottle Boxes and straight tuck boxes will suit your tincture items.


If you are looking most simple and functional types for your tincture boxes then the reverse style is very popular for the boxes packaging the retailers use it to store many objects like technology, cosmetics dry food, and many grocery items. These rectangle boxes come in flat shape and you can fold them in any position to enter your things. It can save your money and effort, which you have to put on tincture boxes.

The world’s most familiar packaging boxes for tincture are reverse tuck boxes because of its lock system. The lock system can protect your goods either they are weighted or not as if it is lock the weight does not matter for reverse tucks. This packaging style is using in almost every business. You can use it as you want because it has more space in it than other boxes.

As we all know that the CBD tinctures come in glass bottles, so the packaging manufacture with the best material to protect the tincture glass bottles. If the tinctures’ glass bottles are save in packaging boxes then you can easily shipment it as your retailer wants.

There are some materials, which use in the reverse tuck boxes.

  • Kraft boxes
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Smooth stocks

If you want eco-friendly packaging, you can use reverse tuck in Kraft boxes and if you have felt that your tincture glass bottles can be damaged in the shipment process then you can choose cardboard that will protect your tincture and bear any pressure while transporting.


You can design your reverse tuck boxes for your tincture packaging. If you want to cut down your budget in packaging that, you can use reverse tuck because in this style fewer papers have been used in die cutting, these can create less pollution.


As the CBD industry has grown, the requirement for packaging is talking to the sky. The most commonly used packaging for tinctures is straight tuck packaging. It is versatile and impressive. Boxes of the straight tuck boxes are nature friendly. So you can use it without any hesitation it is easy to use from both sides of the packing.

But the question is that is it best for tinctures packaging. Let’s have a look.

  • Straight tuck packaging boxes are user friendly you can use and enter your tincture bottle from any side of the pack.
  • It can reduce the budget because it’s easy to assemble and one person can do it.
  • If you are not sure either your product can capture the market or not, then you must use straight packaging as it can keep your budget limited.
  • Straight tuck boxes are best for styling and designing, in this modern era the product appearance is means a lot from the selling point of view. People prefer the items, which look good.

If you want all these features in your tinctures that it looks excellent, you can give your tinctures boxes your designs then straight tuck are more reliable things to use for packaging.

Today only products are selling on good standers, which have suitable packaging. Straight tuck packaging can give your tincture glass bottle a proper appearance with all information written on it.


You can save your money while custom boxes wholesale if you could understand which packaging style or pattern can sell your CBD tinctures in the market. You can use both packaging style as per your tinctures requirements.

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