Three Great Uses for a Smoke Grenade

There is so much gear that you might make a habit of carrying on your airsoft gun or in your pack – what’s one more? A lot of it probably never sees the light of day either, realistically having been added because it was “cool” or even legitimately useful. The thing is, in order for a thing to see its purpose, you have to remember you have it when the time to use it arises. If you don’t it will just remain in the darkness in your vest or at the bottom of your pack.

While it’s obvious enough why you need a knife, a firestarter, cooking implements, or a scope, other gear like smoke grenades might fall by the wayside. Just because you can easily see the value in the aforementioned items, that doesn’t mean you should count out some other wildly useful pieces of gear. With that in mind, here are some really great uses for grenades that you can actually put to use during a match.

Conceal Movements

The most obvious clear use for a smokescreen of any sort is to conceal movements to gain an advantage over the enemy team. That is impractical over long distances because billowing smoke will actually betray your position, but when used up close during CQB, you can make it very difficult for an enemy team to trace your movements, follow you, or organize – especially if it is indoors.

Confuse the Opposing Team

Similar to concealing movements is the value a smoke grenade can offer when it comes to confusing the opposing team. Confusion sinks ships and wins battles, and if you can throw a wrench into the plans of the other team you will have a clear advantage.

Smoke grenades are distracting, panic-inducing, and excellent at obscuring vision. If you toss a grenade into a well organized opposing formation, especially if they didn’t see it coming, they’ll be much more likely to break rank.

Send a Signal

Plenty of tacticians know about the value of visual cues and smokescreens insomuch as they confuse and scatter the enemy, but there’s something else really valuable that you can use a smoke grenade for, and that is to send a signal.

If you have no radio operations over distance, you can use a smoke grenade to send a message or to initiate movements. Additionally, you could intentionally allow the enemy team to intercept a message and then send the opposite message with a smokescreen to set a trap.

One more thing to keep in mind. If your force is divided, you can intentionally deploy a smoker as a decoy to draw the opposing team off course.

Get Them at MiR Tactical

Convinced that you or your team could find a use for a smokescreen, even if only sparingly? These are only a few of the ways you can put them to use during the match, and their utility can really only be limited by your tactical prowess.

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