Third Date ideas what You Should Know About Him By Now

If you are planning for your third date, then that means your love is just starting to steam. Third date planning and success can bring your love and relation one step closer. Good third date ideas will steam your love to come at the boiling point.

Before getting into any serious romantic relationship, you should know a variety of new kinds of stuff about him. These queries answers will help you to fix your mind. When it is about to know him, then no matter what, you do not have to play a mind game. There are charming and simple third date ideas that will help you to know your partner in a better way. 

The most desirable questions which you should know before getting into serious relationships.

How would you control your anger?

Anger management is the first thing you should know about your dating partner. If he has some previous history related to anger management issues, then try to know it.

What type of relationship are you maintaining with your parents?

The relationships with his parents are proving the fact how much that person is family-oriented

What type of sexual desires are in your mind? Are you enjoying rough sex in bed?

The sexual desire questions are quite uncomfortable for the first date, but you should know the real facts when you are about to step into serious romantic relationships. Nobody wants to get hurt during the time of enjoyment; knowing your date partner is the key to sexual pleasures. 

Are you married or separated?

If yes, then ask the reason for their unsuccessful marriage.

If you are married and now you have separated, then the practical reasons for the separation?

The previous relationship status proves the commitment level of the person and the nature of the person. 

Are you interested in a committed relationship with me?

This is the most crucial question. If yes, then ask the goal of the relationship. After five or six years of a committed relationship, where does he want to take your relationship status? It will help you understand your partners’ romantic needs.

Are you faithful in your previous committed relationships?

The faithfulness of the previous relationship will prove the value of the commitments he is willing to give any serious romantic relationships.

Do you have children from your previous marriage? How often are you going to meet with them?

Their relationship with his children proves the caring part of him.

These questions have one last goal: just measure the compatibility issues between you and your dating partner.

10 Simple Third Date ideas 

The third date is all about knowing your partner in a better way. Knowing the person is fully associated with excellent and fruitful communications. These questions sometimes do not have to ask them; most of these answers will come forward spontaneously if you make a good plan.

So here are some dating ideas which you can implement to know your partner in a better way.

1. Go For A Long Drive

The long drive is the best way to know your personality in a better way. Drive your car for nowhere. Do not fix any destination. Just drive for the whole day. And take some halt in a road sidebar or cafe. You two will get enough time to know each other.

2. Make A Plan For Dinner

The dinner is always served for almost all purposes. Make a dinner plan with home-cooked food. Invite him over to your place, and cook for him. After dinner, just enjoy a sweet communication while sitting on the balcony or your home lounge.

3. Biking and Camping

Biking does not mean all time you are attending any competitions. Just pack your bags with simple tent equipment and visit the local mountains or waterfall side and camp there for the night. Then enjoy the night by seeing the glazing stars in the sky.

4. Hiking

Are you a nature lover? Love to do hiking and tracking? Maybe your dating partner is also enthusiastic about hiking and tracking. Just find out and make a plan for short one-day hiking. Enjoy the beautiful views of nature and exchange communication and thoughts.

5. Dancing Night

The dancing night always flemed up the bonding between one couple. Make a plan to attend the local dancing program and show each other the dancing moves. Dancing will bring you closer and help create a unique bond between the two of you.

6. Make A Plan For Dessert 

Who does not love the desert? Who does not want to start a romantic relationship in a sweet way? The best destination for all sweet craving people is a dessert lounge. If your dating partner is fond of sweets, then this will be the best way to start.

7. Getting Little Drunk

On the first and second date, drinking is all welcome. But getting drunk seems quite rude. On the third date, the relationship becomes smoother and comfortable to go. Plan to visit the local beer bar, and enjoy the whole night by playing some indoor games and drinking. You can both exchange communications in a positive way.

8. Visit The Museum

Maybe you will think it is a childish way of spending time. But the museum is always a very favorite destination for many adults, plan to visit the local museum for one afternoon. And after the visit any nearby pub or lounge to have some drinks.

9. Experimenting With New Foods

The new food experiment is always an attractive idea to spend the whole day in a positive way. Join any food cooking game or and cooking together tutorial class, then cook for each other. This is basically a fun activity, but you will get to know the taste and the likeness of your dating partner.

10. Visit The Animal Shelter

Volunteering or visiting the animal shelter is a great idea. If you want to show your personality’s genuine concern and empathetic side. Then this is the right place for you. If you are an animal lover person, then this is the best place. Spend the whole day in the animal orphanage or give the volunteering service. 


The simple questions and answers will help you to know the person in a better way, who is sitting in front of you. But that does not mean that you are asking your dating partner almost like a police interrogation round. Take it easy and make a sweet dating plan for your dating partner and simply enjoy the time.

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