Things You Need to Know About Microblading

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Eyebrows are a part of women identity. It is quite obvious from the amount of time they spend on shaping and filling their brows. The eyebrow trends keep on changing. There was a time when thin and sharp eyebrows were trendy. However, now women are preferring thick, fuller and perfectly shaped eyebrows. With so much uncertainty in the eyebrow trends, semi-permanent procedures like Microblading are an ideal choice.

Microblading has become a go-to beauty treatment for women because of its low maintenance and semi-permanent results. It fills your eyebrows and creates a perfect shape for your eyebrows saving you from the trouble of filling eyebrows daily with a pencil. Women who have naturally thin eyebrows can opt for Microblading treatment.

In this article, we would like to inform our readers about certain things they should know about Microblading procedure.

  • It resembles tattooing but is not the same

Microblading is a kind of semi-permanent makeup in Dubai that resembles traditional tattooing technique but it is not the same. It works by depositing pigments in your skin with the help of small needles. It creates hair-like strokes that resemble natural brow hair. Microblading is different from traditional tattooing because it deposits the pigment in the upper dermis of the skin. However, tattooing deposits ink pigments deeper in the skin. Therefore, the results of Microblading are semi-permanent and tattooing results are permanent.

  • You should expect a bit of pain

The Microblading procedure causes little to no discomfort but you should expect some redness, mild swelling and minimal pain. Normally the procedure is performed by applying numbing cream on the brow area so you don’t feel any pain.

  • It is not effective for everyone

Not every person is a good candidate for Microblading procedure. Pregnant and nursing females should not opt for the procedure. Similarly, individuals who are getting chemotherapy sessions should not opt for Microblading because the chance of infection is higher in such cases. Moreover, people who take blood thinners should consult with their doctors first. Make sure you are the right candidate for Microblading procedure before taking any decision.

  • Microblading does not stop natural hair growth

A very common myth about Microblading procedure is that it affects the growth of natural hair. However, this is not true at all. If Microblading has been performed correctly it should not affect the hair growth. The truth is, Microblading sometimes stimulates the hair growth which is a win-win situation for the patient.

  • The skin type can affect the results

It is a fact that Microblading in Dubai can perform well on certain skin types as compared to others. Dry skins show better results because they can retain the pigment effectively and keep the crispest strokes. On the other hand, oily skins also work well but they are less crisp due to more oil in the skin and heal softer. Therefore, it is necessary to do detailed research and consult with a specialist to get the best-suited procedure.

The Final Word

Microblading is a perfect eyebrow tattooing technique that offers semi-permanent results. You get properly contoured, fuller and thicker eyebrows within no time. Perfect eyebrows make you look more attractive. The healing process after Microblading can take almost one month. Mentioned above are some of the facts about Microblading procedure that you should know. You can find more about the procedure by discussing it with an expert dermatologist who will guide you about your skin type and expected results. The initial consultation is very important because it helps in keeping realistic expectations from the treatment.

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