Things You Must Know to Save Up Big On House Shifting in Gurgaon

Things You Must Know to Save Up Big On House Shifting in Gurgaon

Who doesn’t like to save money? Everybody loves deals and offers so that they could save a few bucks. No matter whether we are booking a movie ticket, going to a restaurant or doing shopping, we like to get some discounts. So, why not spare some during household shifting?

Yes! There are few ways through which you can save money during the house shifting in Gurgaon. Although it’s tough to find the best and affordable movers and packers Delhi to Gurgaon because quality never comes at cheap rates, still you can use some tricks to get discounts from your mover and save up to 15% on your move.

Read the article till the last and follow the tips we have shared for you all to save up big on house shifting in Gurgaon.

Plan your move at least 2 weeks ahead of time

Most of the time moving experts suggest having four weeks or more in your hand to plan and organize everything for a safe and hassle-free move. But everything is uncertain, you never know when you will have to relocate. You may get a month or a week to move to a new place.

If you think you have enough time to pack and move your goods, and you are simply leaving things for the last minute then you are mistaking. Packing the entire household goods is not an easy task, so you should start planning your move as soon as possible. And if you have time constrain then try to plan your move at least 2 weeks ahead of the moving date so that you can book packers and movers service in Gurgaon and properly plan your move.

Move during weekdays

Do you know that most of the movers and packers are booked for weekends? And they take advantage of the higher demands on weekends for house shifting services by charging higher fees. If you want to save money during your move then you should avoid relocating on weekends, instead move during weekdays.

Moving during weekdays has two main benefits. One you will easily get the services of a household company in Gurgaon and the second is availing house shifting services at affordable price. Due to less busy schedules or having fewer demands of the services, movers charge less moving fees during weekdays. So, you can avail of their services at affordable prices.

List your important items

When you select your movers and packers in Gurgaon online then the movers would like to know the details of your move. The goods you want to move and other specific requirements, because based on these things they will evaluate the cost of the move and provide you estimate of the move. That’s why it’s important to list all your items and inform your mover about each and every belonging that you have. Because many goods can be heavy or bulky for which the mover may charge you extra. If the mover will not be aware of the item then he may refuse to pack or you will have to pay extra fees to the movers. So, make sure you have listed all the items and not missing anything during the moving confirmation with your movers and packers.

Carry less

There’s no advantage of carrying more goods until and unless they are really necessary for you. If there are goods that you don’t use or will not use in your new house, or you want to replace them with new ones, such goods should be either sold or donated. You can sell those stuff on online selling sites like OLX, Quicker, etc. Or, you can ask any of your relatives, friends, and neighbor if they are interested in some of your belongings that they would like to keep. Well, you can donate your goods also to the people who need essentials.

Relocation is not only a chaotic but an expensive event as well. But, with the above-mentioned tips and planning, you can save a big on your household move in or from Gurgaon to any other city. Also, try to get the offers like wallets cashback, promo codes, discounts, and other deals that will help you to save 10% to 30% of the total charges. To get moving companies in Gurgaon price quotes or estimates you can rely on online moving portals like and These portals will provide you quotations at free of cost from top reputed moving companies relevant to your move and shifting requirements. You can easily use the quotes to compare packers and movers Gurgaon rates and charges and hire the one that best fits your budget. So, get free quotes and select the right and reliable movers and packers Pune to Gurgaon for hassle-free household relocation services.