Things to know about women’s health during pregnancy|Dr Max Mongelli

With regards to women’s health, there are important things that one needs to consider for keeping up decent wellbeing. Pregnancy is a fragile period for all women, during which maintaining good health is important. The dietary patterns during pregnancy ought to consistently be revised. Having a sound and nutritious eating routine during pregnancy is essential. Be that as it may, it isn’t as simple as it sounds to be.

Dr Max Mongelli, a renowned gynaecologist, explains that from the time of its formation, the embryo takes nutrients from the mother’s body. Subsequently, it gets necessary to take all the nutrients that the embryo needs to develop and thrive. Additionally, to support the quality and in this manner, to maintain a distance from inconveniences during the childbirth, the mother needs to remain as sound as could be expected under the circumstances. Consequently, the expecting mother needs to have a sound health and nutrient management plan to be able to nurse her child healthily.

A pregnant woman is advised to eat various types of foods during the later months, but it is important to note that the source of the food should be natural. Dr Max Mongelli adds that a woman who falls under normal weight criteria should take around 200 to 300 m additional calories for each day to keep the baby healthy. Some suggested foods during the pregnancy stage are milk, eggs, oats and grains, meat, and fresh fruits.

Among the foods mentioned above, the dairy products are rich in calcium and protein, which are essential for the growth and development of the baby inside the mother’s womb. Apart from calcium, other vital nutrients like Vitamin D take care of the overall immunity and strength of the mother and the child.

All the famous gynaecologists, including Dr Max Mongelli, agree that fresh fruits and vegetables have their importance regarding the health of a woman during pregnancy and the postpartum phase too. As for the green vegetables, they contain a good amount of fibre, iron and other necessary supplements.

So far, we have talked about the necessities of the body during pregnancy and essential food to fulfil them. However, there’s a separate list of not haves which contains all kinds of alcoholic drinks, tobacco, Vitamin A containing food, and uncooked meat. At last, we can say that pregnancy is that period of a woman’s life where numerous complications can arise, but with proper care and a healthy lifestyle, it is just a beautiful phase.

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