Things To Know About Hiring A Penetration Testing Provider

Types of Penetration test to detect and manage potential vulnerability

Selecting the Penetration Testing Provider is a key component of any organization when it comes to working on the most effective security system in a business. Even the most apparently updated information security measures may still have vulnerabilities, which can only be discovered by thorough Pen testing. Larger organizations will have their in-house expertise, but most smaller companies will need to call upon the Penetration Testing Services for regular tests of their network defenses.

So what should you look for when commissioning a Penetration Testing service? The following points are a start, but are not exhaustive:


Qualifications are essential in this highly technical area. For example, the Penetration Test team should be a member of CREST (Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers), a trade association based on recognized technical standards and the highest ethical standards.


There are other certification bodies to look for when considering a penetration testing company, perhaps the EC-Council’s CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), an entry-level certificate. So an individual penetration tester may also be a CHECK consultant, which means he or she is cleared to work as the team of Penetration Testing Provider or on govt projects.

Individual security testers may likewise be certified by CREST. This qualification, unlike some others in the field, includes both theoretical and practical examinations, and so is extremely meticulous.


However, qualifications are only part of the picture. When hiring a Pen Testing firm, it is particularly important to check its commitment to the highest ethical standards. A penetration tester may gain access to highly sensitive material, and it would be a grave mistake to hire someone who may not have the best interests of your business at heart. However, you should check on the procedure for vetting security testers since penetration testing companies that employ former criminal hackers should be avoided.

Up-To-Date Knowledge

You should also check whether the computer testers’ knowledge is up-to-date or not? The field of penetration testing is constantly changing and improving, and an active program of Continuing Professional development is essential for any penetration testing consultant who wishes to remain current.

Location of Penetration Testing Provider

A penetration testing company does not need to be geographically close to your business premises, since some computer security tests of this kind can be carried out remotely over the Internet. However, for other tests, the tester will need access to your computer systems and so will travel to your location.

Whichever Penetration Testing Services you choose, however, it is always good practice to institute a program of regular penetration testing rather than only occasional tests. In this way, unexpected security vulnerabilities are more likely to be discovered in good time, before malicious hackers can find and exploit them. This makes it all the more important to choose your penetration testing company wisely, using the criteria given above.


Finally, it is always a good idea to ask for references from previous clients. The Pentesting Company should be willing to provide these to you or give you the contact details of former clients and if they are proud to share the client references then this is an indication that the company has done great for them.

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