Things That You Admire And Guard Out While Purchasing An Iphone

iPhone developed by Apple is rated to be the best phone for the blind. In fact, the touchscreen technology of Apple is hard to match. iPhone phone repair has numerous centers that make the task of repairing your phone an easy one. But before you are purchasing this phone there are some strengths along with weakness that you need to be aware. With the help of an iPhone, you can take advantage of online services. More so if an iPhone app supports it. Examples are banking, to read books over email etc.

How to decide between an Android and an iPhone

A choice between both of them means which are the features along with specifications that are important for you. But before you make a decision there are some points to consider

How easy it is to use

People have fallen in love with Apple products. No doubts about the fact that the IOS interface is easy to use. So too is an Android interface. Frankly speaking, if you are using one you are not going to have trouble using the other one. At an initial phase, you could confer the fact that iPhone was easy to use. But now the situation is not like that as there is not a lot that differentiates them. A slight benefit of an Apple phone is that it provides you with control over the home screen.

Open vs. closed systems

With the iPhone, it works out to be a proprietary source. At the other end, Android is open-source which is an alternate to applications. A point to consider is that Apple has never gone on to port any of its applications to Android and is never going to do so. In case if your library is based on iTunes then you could be locked on to iPhones,

For most of the users, this difference should not bother much. But if your choice is an open system in comparison to a closed one this is an important pointer.

Voice and AI assistants

When you compare Siri and Google assistant there stands no comparison between both of them. The latter is a winner over miles as it goes on to make the life a lot simpler. Suppose if you have a meeting with someone for lunch Google assistant might ask you to start early if there is a traffic jam. Though Siri might have been the first to the market it is a basic version. If you are planning to choose one over other, then Google Assistant is the best.

Timely updates

This is one area where Apple leaves a definite mark over Android. The moment Apple launches a new version all the existing phones of Apple get the same update. This is not the case with Android. Even when you repair your iPhone at the centre of the company you are entitled to the same updates. But Apple has to do a better job with IOS updates because it can turn out to be flaky.

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