These Cute Cardigan Sweaters Are the Perfect Accent

Move over, formal wear, because there’s a new look in town for cardigans. The original cardigans were styled after the wool waistcoats worn by the nobles and gentry in the old world, and more often than not, you can find cardigans in extremely high brow catalogs. They definitely have the potential to lend a strong influence to the impression of formal wear, but modern designers have fearlessly taken up the challenge of diversifying the appeal of cardigan sweaters.

In truth, many patterns cardigans do make a great match for the other accessories that you will typically find in conjunction with formal dress and evening wear. Even so, a cardigan, some of which you can find made in cashmere and other ultra soft wools and other fibers are unbelievably cozy and stylish. Because of that, you can now find many cute cardigan sweaters out there that are perfect for so many different situations, not just black-tie events. In fact, even if you are a fan of boho fashion, you can find some really great cardigans to put an original accent on your wardrobe. To find some of the best examples of these, check out Boho Pink. There you will find some of these cute cardigan sweaters, and many more.

Check out their Cozy Dreams Taupe Chevron Striped Knit Cardigan, which gives you a soft introduction to the styles that you will find at Boho Pink. This cardigan maintains some of the appeals of more traditional cardigan sweaters while only diverging slightly from the mark. Slightly longer than waist-length, it is a simple design completed in two light earth tones. It’s not just cute, it’s also luxuriously soft and great for layering, so you can throw this on over your outfit when you expect there to be a little chill in the air.

That’s a basic example of some of the cardigans you’ll find at Boho Pink, but to see more of their original sense of style, take a look at their Lighthouse Ivory Fringe Cardigan Sweater. This cardigan, completed with a ridiculously soft and supple acrylic wool, is much more typical of boho fashion. It’s also great for throwing over another outfit and its unique perforation and adequate frills are reminiscent of the lacy, iconoclastic look of boho fashion.

Another great option is their interestingly named Gwyneth Rust Granda Sweater, which, in color and cut, is iconic of boho fashion. Luxuriously soft knit like their other cute cardigan sweaters, this option also has large, prominent buttons over its rust-colored facade and its deep v front and loose hem are ideal for complimenting an assortment of boho outfits.

Another extremely compatible boho cardigan that you can find in their collection is their Anastasia Olive Cardigan Sweater. With a deep open front and an interesting pattern along the body and sleeves, this unpatterned sweater is great to match with a lot of different looks. Also, its calming green spirit isn’t too bold – which is a good portion of the reason it’s so useful for pairing up. Of course, you don’t need to get tied up with that. Throw it over whatever you’re wearing and you will love it just for the comfort.

Sold on any of these cute cardigans? You can find them all on Boho Pink’s website,, in addition to many other Boho cardigans, kimonos, and other outerwear. You won’t just find a big collection that you could spend a whole day looking through, either. They are also making adjustments to their catalogs to keep things fresh, and as a result, you can always expect to find some new surprises in their catalog. Check out their site today to see just what we mean.

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