move your QuickBooks Desktop File to QuickBooks Online, The way to move your QuickBooks Desktop File to QuickBooks Online

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QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions’ conversion to QuickBooks Online is unique in relation to changing over a QuickBooks Pro or Premier company file to QBO. So, it’s not as simple or straight-forward but rather with a couple of tips we can help make it conceivable. 

  • Above all else you should utilize Internet Explorer 10 or higher. 
  • Click on File > Utilities > Copy Company File For QuickBooks Online 
  • The file will be saved with a “.OE” expansion. I would prescribe saving this to your desktop for simple recovery. When you click save, your company file will change over this .OE design and could take some time contingent upon the size of your data file. 

But before this, you should read about to move your QuickBooks Desktop File to QuickBooks Online.

Follow the accompanying advances. 

  1. Import the QuickBooks Desktop file 
  1. Open Internet Explorer 10 or Internet Explorer 11 
  1. Go to 
  1. Sign in. 
  1. Open the QuickBooks Online file. 
  1. Click the Gear. 
  1. Click Import Desktop Data 
  1. Select QuickBooks for Windows 2005 and underneath. 
  1. Click Continue. 
  1. The Getting Ready screen will list the prerequisites to transfer the file. 
  1. Click Continue. 
  1. Mark off any relevant boxes in the Import Checklist. 
  1. Click Continue. 
  1. Click Start Import. 
  1. You will get a message which cautions that all data in the QuickBooks Online file will be overwritten. 
  1. Click Continue. 
  1. Install the Active X control on the PC. 
  1. Click Install. 

NOTE: Initiating the installation of the Active X control may make you rehash the above advances. 

  1. At the point when the Active X control is installed, you will get a Congratulations window. 
  1. Click Continue. 
  1. Drift over QuickBooks for Windows 2005 or prior. Adhere to the directions to trade the file from QuickBooks Desktop, or click the case “Truly, I’ve arranged my file for import”. 
  1. Click Continue. 
  1. Click Browse to explore your saved OE.qbw file. 
  1. Select your saved OE.qbw file. 
  1. Click Open. 
  1. Select the sort of import you wish to utilize. 
  1. Click Continue. 
  1. In the event that an Admin password existed in the desktop file, you will be provoked to enter it now. 
  1. You will see your file begin transferring with a Toolbar moving towards 100%. 

NOTE: Closing this window by some other technique than clicking Continue will keep the file from transferring. 

  1. Once the transfer arrives at 100%, click Continue. 
  1. You will be bolted out of the file while the transfer is finished and imported. 
  1. Click Sign Out of QuickBooks Online. 
  1. You will get an email when the file has been completely imported and is accessible for use. 
  1. My experience has been it just requires minutes for your file to be prepared versus the 24 hour assumption Intuit puts on the screen. 
  1. Clearly they are giving you a most dire outcome imaginable assumption. 
  1. Significant: If whenever during these means you are hindered from proceeding with you may have to add * to your Trusted Sites. 
  1. At the upper right of the Internet Explorer click on the stuff symbol. 
  1. At that point click on Internet Options. On the screen that follows click on the Security Tab. 
  1. Click on the “Locales” button in your Trusted Sites as demonstrated as follows. 
  1. Type * in the Add this site to the zone field. Click the Add button. 
  1. It will drop down into your believed sites zone. 
  1. Try to uncheck the crate next to “Require server confirmation (https:) for all locales in this zone.” 


I believe this data has been useful. Return frequently to learn more Tips and Tricks about QuickBooks Online!