The Value of Barber Shops

We have always somehow taken barber shops for granted. We always thought that it is something that we know how to do, like how hard would it be to cut your own hair or to shave your beard. But the emergence of coronavirus has made us realize the importance of barbershops in our lives. Barbershops make us pretty and presentable in the world. It boosts our confidence and makes us realize that we are actually born beautiful. Now because of the lockdown, we have become cavemen. Shops are closed and we literally have to everything at home now. Some of us have really messed up our hair cut or that perfect jawline. Some of us have decided to wait for the virus to finish, so the true barber kings can make us look presentable again. Our lives basically depend upon it. Before going to any event, whether it’s your prom or a wedding, you will always visit the barbershop.

Difference between a hair salon and a barber shop

    Most of you will think that it’s the same thing but actually, it’s not. The main difference is the price. For example, the Hair Stylists in Bakersfield CA charge higher than traditional barbershops. They are much cheaper than hair salons because of the services they might offer. But a barbershop can retain more customers if it gives a satisfactory hair cut and a good shave. A hair salon has additional services such as a spa or manicure. They will offer you fancy drinks and usually charge you with $700. But whether is a barbershop or a hair salon, we can’t imagine our lives without. Going to the barbershops have many benefits. Some of the benefits are

  • There is no better feeling than to belong to a community. The barbershop has a separate community where you get to laugh and talk. When you visit the shop more often, you become a part of that community, and it’s amazing. Rather than having an awkward conversation with a woman hairstylist, it is better to talk to a man barber.
  • Barbers have more experience and know better how to give you a perfect haircut and shave your face. You may get the look you want in a hair salon but when your hair gets too messed up, the barbershop is the place to go.
  • It’s a tradition for our elders to sit in a barbershop and have a conversation for hours. You can introduce that same tradition to your son which will give him a sense of belongingness. It will be weird to take your son to a salon but visiting a barbershop with them and introducing them to the same chair you have been sitting on all those years would be awesome.
  • One of the biggest benefits is they are cheaper than hairstylists. If you are spending $500 on a haircut then you aren’t doing yourself any favor. Barbers will able to give you a better haircut than these fancy stylists because they have a better grip on men’s appearance.
  • Most of the men don’t want to change. Hairstylists will twist their words to make you change your hairstyle which you might hate later on. Barbers understand the pressure of changing, so they will give you the look you want without pressurizing you to try a new trendy style.

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