The Uncomplicated Strategy to Accept Bitcoin Payments On WordPress

For those who have a additional established presence online using a WordPress website or blog and now you are enthusiastic about accepting Bitcoin payments in your site, we’ve just the plugin for you. The most effective part is the fact that it is possible to get setup in just a couple of minutes and also you do not want any technical bitcoin expertise. Get a lot more info about cryptocurrency checkout woocommerce

Why Accept Bitcoin On your WordPress Site?

The cost of Bitcoin has consistently been around the rise more than the years and as additional people turn out to be conscious of it and its utility, much more people are seeking for strategies to accept it. Listed here are just a few of the benefits of accepting Bitcoin in your website.

Low costs.

A neighborhood of users that are actively looking for techniques to invest Bitcoin.

The most secure payment network on the planet.

No threat of chargebacks or fraudulent payments.

Accepting a new kind of payment made particularly for the internet.

Borderless payments.

No bank account necessary.

Additional private than other payment networks.

Bitcoin could appear difficult initially but that’s why we’ve made an easy strategy to begin to accept bitcoin payments in your site.

The Uncomplicated Technique to Accept Bitcoin On your WordPress Site with Blockonomics

If you wish to start accepting Bitcoin payments without having to fully have an understanding of how bitcoin wallets and addresses work, we have made it as quick as we possibly can. By following the 6 methods under, it is possible to present your customers the capability to pay with Bitcoin without having to set up your individual wallet. You can follow the guidelines within this video:

  1. Log in to your WordPress site.
  2. Click around the “Plugins” tab around the left side with the page.
  3. Click on “Add New” inside the leading left corner in the page.
  4. Use there search bar in the top proper corner of the web page to search for “Blockonomics”.
  5. Install the initial option named “Wordpress Bitcoin Payments – Blockonomics”.
  6. Just after you have installed the plugin, click “Activate”.
  7. That’s it. You’re all carried out. You might be now setup to accept Bitcoin payments.

Yes. It is literally that simple. That is why we’ve named this short article “The Uncomplicated Way” to accept bitcoin in your WordPress site.

Should you have a improved understanding of Bitcoin, you might most likely desire to send these payments directly for your personal wallet.

Exactly where Do The Bitcoin Payments Go?

You could be asking yourself “If I don’t set up a wallet with Blockonomics, where these payments go?”. That’s a great question. With this uncomplicated setup, your payments visit a wallet that we set up in your behalf. To be able to obtain the payments directly, you just have to have to setup your very own wallet.

We produced this “The Effortless Way” due to the fact not every person is prepared or able to accept their very own Bitcoin payments however.

Accept Bitcoin Payments Directly For your Personal Bitcoin Wallet

If you are looking for a method to accept Bitcoin payments directly for your own Bitcoin wallet, you will need to have to perform a couple of issues.

Setup your own Bitcoin wallet and find the xPub key.

Configure your Blockonoimcs account with that xPub and produce an API key.

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