The Ultimate List of SEO tools in 2020

These days ranking on search engine have become so much hard for every new beginner and it has a lot of struggle as well. Many beginner and new blog used to ask m same question about ranking on search engine. Today ranking on search engine and getting organic traffic is hard every blogger should have basic knowledge of SEO. Today there are a lot of SEO tools and Plugin which can help you rank on search engine easily. Today we are going to discuss different types of SEO tools on this Web Design.

Some of them are paid SEO tools and some them can be freely use from anywhere. It doesn’t mean that you can do everything from this tools you also need to make Backlink, Keyword Research and information about your competitor.

Today’s these SEO tool has become so much advanced that you can get every information about your competitor. You don’t have to do anything all you need to do is just paste the link of the site on tools. And that’s all you will get the whole information about your competitor

List of SEO tools

There are a lot of SEO tools in the market but getting the one which can fulfill all your needs might be hard to find.

Here we have brought some of the Best SEO tools which are known for helping the website to rank on the search engine. The list of SEO tools are:


It is one of the free SEO tools made by popular blogger Neil Patel. He has made this tools couples year earlier and now the tools has become one of the main solution for many beginner blogger and it has also helped a lot of people as well.

Though the data available in the Ubbersuggest are not accurate as compared to some of the popular SEO tools. The tools let you perform keyword research, Backlink analysis of the website, Competitor analysis, and so on.

Besides this, it has a lot of awesome which makes it popular which include PPC Research, Advertising Research and you can also generate keywords ideas as well.


Ahref is one of the popularly used SEO tools all around the world. It has made a great presence in the field of SEO tools and it is used by many professional blogger to newbie blogger.

The downside with this app is that it is paid SEO tools which mean user needs to join their subscription to use this tool. It’s pricing starts at $100 per months and goes up to $600 a months for agency.

It has a lot of features that helps you rank on search engine which include keywords research, Backlink Analysis, PPC analysis, Advertising Research and so on.

The best part with this tool is it is easy to use and it has one awesome feature where you can audit your site and know all the SEO problems and all un-optimized posts on your website.

They have user-friendly UI which is easy to understand for every new and beginner blogger.


It is another popular and competitor of one of the popularly used SEO tools Ahref. SEMRush is one of the best SEO tools which have tons of features which let your site perform well in the search engine.

You can do keywords research and know the difficulty of it and how much traffic you are getting from specific keywords and so on. It has a great presence in the blogging filed among every blogger for the features it provide t their users.

To be honest it has more features as compared to Ahref. The downside of this tool is that it has poor UI which is hard to understand.

The reason behind its poor UI is because they show you detailed data about your website which is hard to understand this makes it so much difficult for people to use at the beginning. Also, get more from SEO companies in India.


It is also one of the popular cheap SEO tools which come with all the features. That you need to have as a website developer. You can do anything from Keywords research to SEO audit. That makes it so much helpful for every blogger who can’t afford the subscription fee.

Moz has developed its one ranking system which is also known as Da Pa. That will help you understand the score about your size. And how easy it is for the website to rank on search engine.

Da Pa score ranked out of hundred. The more Da Pa we have the more easily we can rank on the search engine. Besides this, it has so many awesome features similar to Ahref and SEMRush. That helped you a lot to know about the SEO.

It is another popular SEO tools if you are willing to rank on other social media expect Google including YouTube, Amazon, Bing and other popular Search engine.

Today almost every popular social media giant has SEO which makes so much difficult to rank our content. However, it has some pro if you look it from different perspective.

Suppose this day’s fake news has become one of the major issues. So, if random website just posts the fake news and it ranks top of the search engine. Then chances are high that people will believe the fake news.

That’s why the SEO has great importance these days I almost every popular social media not only Google. is one of them which let you perform keywords research in different social media and search engine.


I hope that you have got information about some of the popular Pad and Free SEO tools. The above are some of the popular tools from where you can perform Keyword research to Backlink analysis.

If you were using other SEO tools then I consider you to use the above-listed tools. That will surely help you to rank on these search engines. I hope that you have got a list of some of the popular SEO tools.

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