The Ultimate Guide for Effective Foot Pain Management in 2021 after Covid-19 Lockdown

It is quite obvious that COVID-19 related distress has negatively affected patients with chronic pain.  Almost every other person experienced physical and psychological issues as novel pandemic have influenced routine life activities and overall well-being of a person depressingly.

According to the recent research study by the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 became the major cause of stress, anxiety and depression among people in 2020. Also, the surge in chronic pain related issues was perceptible and noticeable.

No doubt, the record cause of this noxious various is declining in 2021 due to preventive measures and effective medicines. However, the virus hasn’t ended yet, and it is still recommended to take all the precautionary measures seriously.

As mentioned earlier, this deadly virus affected routine life activities, and lockdown forced people to stay home. No exercise, limited physical activities and minimum walk are the real causes of foot pain. But, Foot Pain Management is necessary to keep this pain at bay.

The current discussion presents a complete guideline about treating foot pain, especially after COVID-19 lockdown.

Guide to Treat Foot Pain in 2021

Foot pain treatment is more about reducing pain, instability, weakness and inflammation in foot and ankles. It is always preferable for effective and long-lasting results to identify the root cause of foot pain before the treatment starts.  For instance, it is indispensable to figure-out what causes pain and abnormal biomechanics in foot and ankles.

There’s no particular treatment for foot pain as the treatment entirely depends on the root cause of this pain. Generally, pain management specialists recommend some basic exercises, orthotics, and specifically designed foot products (including toe stretcher) to care for this problem successfully.

Basic Treatments for Foot Pain

Here are some basic and effective treatments for your foot pain. You can opt for any of them that help to provide enough relief to pain.

  • R.I.C.E

This well-known acronym stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. It is one of the easiest and effective remedies to treat foot pain. It also helps in treating different type of pain due to injury. The treatment is helpful in injury and inflammation. You can opt for R.I.C.E as it speeds up the healing process and provides great relief from all pain types. So, if you have swelling, bruising and stinging in the foot, try this treatment and experience instant relief.

  • Medicines & Pain-Killers

If you think home remedies aren’t treating foot pain efficiently, go for medication. There is a great range of medications for foot pain includingibrufen, panadol and paracetamol etc. All these medicines are anti-inflammatory and provide great comfort from pain, swelling and inflammation.

Before choosing any of the medicines as a pain treatment, confirm it with the pain management specialists. The professional doctors can examine your foot condition and can recommend the most suitable medicine for you. Taking them without any recommendations can cause negative side-effects.

  • Ice/Heat

Applying heat/ice on foot’s effective area is the quickest and effective remedy. Ice efficiently treats different pain time, including ankle sprain, which is considered a quick way to treat pain. Nevertheless, heat is best for treating long-term foot pain, reduces swelling and boosts-up overall blood circulation in the body.

Remember; you should apply ice correctly and carefully. Otherwise; it can cause more pain and harm. You can take the assistance of professionals or someone who knows better about ice treatment.

You can use a hot water bottle for heat treatment. Again, prevention and precaution are needed before the application of water bottle in a sensitive area.

  • Strengthening Exercise

Exercise is effective and imperative to treat foot pain and other weakness in the foot. Your foot’s muscles need to be strong enough for a good walk and pain-free life. Good strength is needed to have good stamina, i.e. you can work perfectly without tiring. Your foot’s position greatly depends on the tightness in the foot and calf muscles. Tight muscles slow down the healing process and also decelerate blood circulation in the body. That’s why; you should try stretching exercises along with the medication and other remedies.

  • Foot Reflexology

It is one of the most popular and effective massage techniques to relax foot pain and inflammation. It improves blood flow and gives full strength to your body. It is a less-invasive and safe treatment that treats foot pain and pains from other parts of the body. Reflexology ideally treats headache and issue related to the digestive system.

What Else is Beneficial?

The treatments mentioned above can help in reducing foot pain. If you still feel pain in your foot, then consult the professional foot pain management for this purpose. The professional doctor can recommend a suitable treatment for your pain.

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