The Ultimate Guide for Cabinet Hardware Placement

Organising a storage space comes with its challenges. Especially when you’re using Cabinet Hardware. Take, for example, your garage. It’s likely to be a place where you store things that you won’t need access to on a regular basis. While you don’t need access to certain things straight away. They still need to be easy to access for those times when you do need them the most.

By setting up rows of cabinets you have a secure and sturdy place to store your things. A great example of the things you store in your cabinets could be camping equipment you use maybe once or twice a year. Maybe you have beach equipment like an umbrella or surfboard that only gets used over summer. There’s plenty of things we can fill our garage up with.

Your garage may also be a place where you like to store all your pricey hardware and tools. When your tools aren’t in use you want a tidy and secure place to store them. Cabinets in your garage are a perfect solution for storing all of these items. They should be easy to access and be modified with security features like a padlock in order to keep them safe from theft. 

When it comes time to design, organise, and install cabinets, many people tend to overlook the importance of cabinet hardware. Where you place cabinet hardware can have a drastic effect on how you use your entire storage space. Cabinet hardware generally includes knobs, cabin handles, and locks. 

Through this article, we’ll cover some top tips for cabinet hardware placement. We’ll cover how to install your cabinets and where to place your cabinet hardware for the best access and security options in your garage.

Installing your cabinets

One of the first things you need to do is pick an appropriate area for installing your cabinets. Ideally you want an indoor space that’s sheltered from harsh weather conditions. Garages and sheds are always a popular option for cabinet storage. Next up you need to pick an area of your garage space to install your cabinets. 

When you’re choosing what area to install your cabinets it’s best to choose somewhere that’s easy to access. Cabinets should be no taller than shoulder height. Thinking of installing cabinets near the ceiling of your garage? Make sure you will have an easy way to access them such as a ladder or stepper. 

Before you install your cabinets it’s best to think of where your cabinet hardware will go. It needs to be in a position that makes your cabinets easy to access. Cabinet hardware such as your handles needs to be placed in a way that ensures you can open each cabinet door with ease. There’s no point installing a cabinet close to the wall if the wall gets in the way of you opening the cabinet door completely. 

Security concerns

If you’re planning on using your cabinets to store expensive items like power tools then it’s important to improve your cabinet’s security features. Cabinet hardware like a toggle latch is perfect for improving security because you can install locks on them. You may also want to install locks directly onto the doors of your cabinets. 

With locks installed on all your cabinets, they can become a lot more secure for installing your valuables. This option will also enable you to unlock all your cabinets with one key. A local locksmith will be able to adjust the locks on your cabinets to ensure this is possible. 

Cabinet hardware placement

Now that your garage cabinets are installed the real challenge begins. It’s time to select your cabinet hardware and decide where it will be placed. When it comes to the look of your cabinet hardware there are many options available today.

One of the first features you should pick for your cabinet hardware is the colour. Try and pick a finish that will contrast well with the material your cabinets are made of. If you’re installing your cabinet hardware in a garage you should also make sure it is robust and hard-wearing enough to survive work in a garage. So pick a tough material and coat that won’t scratch so easily. 

The next thing you need to do is assess how your cabinet doors will open. Will they be opened sideways or lifted up? Little features like these will affect where you place cabinet hardware like your cabin hooks, handles, and latches. Once you know how your cabinets will be opened, it’s time to install your cabinet hardware.

While installing your cabinet hardware supplies you should also consider the size and shape of your cabinets. If all your cabinets are rectangular in shape, that doesn’t mean they should all have knobs in the same position. Cabinets that are placed higher up should have knobs on the bottom of their doors so they’re easier to reach. 

Cabinets installed near the floor can have their knobs installed on the middle of the doors or at the very bottom. In this scenario, it really depends on how close they are to the floor. Install the knobs too close to the floor and you might find it more difficult to reach. 

Final thoughts

So when it comes to choosing the right cabinet hardware supplies for your home, you need the right plan in place. Decide what you want to install in your cabinets. Then decide where you want to install your cabinets. Last but not least, decide how you will access your cabinets. 

When you plan and design exactly how your cabinets will be used, you’ll find picking out cabinet hardware supplies a breeze. You’ll find it easier to select cabinet hardware based on the functionality and look of them.

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