The Truth About NLP Certification

Part of the journey through NLP for many is the question of certification.

Should I go to this company or that company? Do I need certification to practice? What’s missing is an overview of what’s really going on. Here’s the surprising truth: There is no NLP association that overlooks all NLP Practitioner Certification Training. Your options range from an NLP certification on eBay, sold along with an eBook course for $80 or so, to certification from the top trainers in the world

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When I first started, there was something I didn’t know:

Almost all NLP Training in Dubai organizations are affiliated with training companies.

I did find one certification group in the UK that was not affiliated with a training company, but it seemed too easy to get certified. They want to know how many hours you have studied, they require some testimonial letters, and they require an annual payment.

The real question to ask is, what does this certification mean to a potential client? First of all, most people don’t even know what NLP is, let alone that there is a certification. They are looking for results.

This reminds me of real estate agents (I was one in a former professional life) who amass an alphabet soup of designations behind their names. They may be great realtors, and the training may be very helpful, but the general public has no idea what those letters mean.

It’s the same with NLP.

So what is really important?

Many people who are actually certified in NLP don’t apply the material after they’ve learned it and become certified. Therefore, they are not really versed in its application. This certification does not help a potential client.

If you make a difference in someone’s life with NLP and have their testimony, that is much more powerful than a “certification” on your wall. It is your activities with NLP that show a potential client what you can really do.

There are many good training companies out there. Let’s be honest and recognize the most important ingredient here, yourself. What kind of student are you? Are you going to apply what you learn? Just like an Ivy League private school or even a public school with little funding, it comes down to the student. You get out of it what you put into it.

If NLP interests you, study everything you can about it. If you want to go further, take the time to research your options online. Be realistic about what certification actually means. To answer the question, “Do you need certification to practice NLP?” No, you don’t. However, check the laws in your state for licenses, etc. that you need for your particular practice.

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