The Truth About Hair Mask for Healthy Natural Hair

With increasing pollution, unhealthy dietary patterns, and usage of synthetic hair products and machines, taking care of your hair has become as crucial as finishing work to meet a deadline. Not only is it crucial, but the process of maintaining the health of your hair has also turned out to be quite challenging. With different kinds of hair, comes different solutions- various hair products, hair vitamins, hair styling techniques, etc. And this massive amount of information has led to more confusion than there ever was.

One of the widely discussed topics when it comes to treating your hair is the usage of natural hair masks. Although some people are open to trying different hair masks, many are too scared to opt for a new thing, lest something worse happens. It’s not easy; we understand entirely. And that’s why we bring you the truth about these hair masks and how miraculous they are!


There’s nothing as good as a hair mask made of natural ingredients when compared with the synthetic and easy-to-wear hair products flooding the markets. Yes, the keeping process might be a little longer than your hair conditioners, but trust us, the benefits these masks come with are hard to ignore.

Hair masks are nothing but a mixture of either extracts or oils or pulps of natural ingredients like fruits, plants, dairy products, etc. All these things put together do wonders to your roots. When compared with the working of other artificial hair products, hair masks are more penetrable to your scalp and provide nourishment to the hair follicles from inside. They directly introduce vitamins to your scalp, thereby making your hair stronger and healthier.


There are no side-effects of these hair masks since they are entirely safe for use. Therefore, you can wear any of them. But to get desired results, it’s best to observe what treatment your hair requires and act accordingly.

Following are the types of hair problems, each presented with a hair mask to combat it:

Hair Fall

Hair loss usually arises when the inclusion of necessary proteins and vitamins does not place into the diet. Therefore, while taking hair supplements and healthy diets, you must apply protein-based hair masks to your scalp.

Dry Hair

To treat dry hair, go for thick oil-based hair masks like jojoba oil, olive oil, etc

Oily Hair

To reduce oils from your scalp, you can apply masks made out of fuller’s earth or natural clay, since they are best at absorbing oils.

Damaged Hair

Hair exposed to high usage of synthetic hair products, heating, and styling, etc. falls under damaged hair. To treat them, go for protein-based natural hair masks which can provide keratin to your hair. Also, stop using strong shampoos and conditioners.


One myth about hair masks is that they can treat split ends. But yes, they surely can reverse your damaged hair by providing the necessary nourishment from within to your scalp. Since they are kept for an hour, they get more time to work and get absorbed into your hair, thereby making them healthier. And the best part about them is that unless you are allergic to a particular ingredient, they come with absolutely no side effects.

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