The Things to Consider for a Purposeful Packaging Design

We live in a modern age where consumers have a wide assortment of products to choose from and also have easy access to information, which makes it easy for them to make an appropriate buying decision. The business companies, particularly ones dealing in common consumer goods, are expecting a competitive market and thus looking for ways to improve their business and sales. In recent times, there has been a tremendous amount of money and effort been served first to evaluate the needs and preferences of the customers and then build and market a product.

One of the trends that have been shown to grow big every year is the use of quality and stylish packaging design for consumer products. Companies are starting to realize that increased sales are directly linked with attractive packaging. For example, if you want to quench your thirst, you will always pick a juice or drink that not only promises to satisfy your need but also has an extravagant design that attracts you to buy that product. The design specifications of the bottle, such as size, shape, artwork, color, and labels, are the key elements that you, as a customer, will look for a product and then make your decision to buy or not. The packaging design is the most critical aspect of a consumer product, and it should be eye-catching, functional, display information, and can easily be used for storage and distribution purposes.

Why is packaging design important?

The established business companies already have a margin to introduce new products or revamp their old packaging design, but the startup companies have little room to experiment and need to make everything right in their first attempt. The business market, especially the everyday consumer goods, is quite saturated, and if a customer is not satisfied with one product, he can simply select a different one. In a grocery or super store, usually, similar products are placed side by side so that it is easier for customers to manage their shopping and not get confused.

According to a survey, more than 40% of consumers mostly buy the product based on its exterior appearance. And also, more than 30% of consumers expressed that the familiarity of the product matters for repeat buying and product description helps to make an informed decision. Only consumers who are already familiar with your brand, and its looks will be consistent in making repeat buys.

The marketing strategy keeps on changing due to the dynamic market situation and ever changing consumer trends and preferences. Traditionally, a marketing plan for any business company used to be based on four P’s called Product, Place, Price, and Promotion, but after much debate and discussion, a new ‘P’ is added to the list, and that is ‘Packaging.’ The modern branding strategies emphasize significantly on the packaging design, which refers to the exterior looks and appearance of the product. The design includes the graphics, color, and font on the wrapping of the box, bottle, can, or container. The packaging design facts include

  • Packaging layers

The three layers of every custom packaging consist of the outer packaging, inner packaging, and the overall product packaging. The outer or exterior packaging is the first thing that the consumer will see, and it should not only display the name of the product, the brand logo but also keep the product safe. The outer packaging could be a wrapper, box, or bag in which the product is placed. The inner package is what keeps the product safe inside and can be sealed foil or bag to preserve the freshness of the product. The product packaging can be the box in which the toy comes, the wrapper of the chocolate, or the label on the bottle.

  • Selecting the right type of packaging

The packaging of the bottle must revolve around the product, whether it is food or cosmetic product boxes. The design must also be competitive against the rival brand. You need to visualize how your product will stack up against other brands and how a customer is going to perceive it.

  • Budget

You need to determine the target audience that your brand is going to cater to, if your startup company is launching a luxurious cosmetic brand with extravagant beauty products then the packaging should reflect the true essence and value of high end beauty products.

  • Reusability of the package

One of the key aspects in modern day packaging is whether the custom box can be reused by the consumer for other purposes or not.

Why Packaging Design is Necessary to Build a Brand

The real battle between the brands is on the display or counter shelf of a store, and only the brand that is able to grab the attention of the consumer wins. The brand appeal and personality is measured according to the use of colors, fonts, texture, and overall packaging design of the product. Consider a perfume box, which is usually placed in an exquisite and charming package that reflects the beauty and value of the perfume. If you wish to enter the cosmetic market, then there are few questions that you need to address for cosmetic packaging box design, which are

  • What brand perception do you want your product to portray
  • What is the cost of making the cosmetic products and what type of packaging do they require
  • What kind of materials, packaging and printing options do you like to implement
  • Whether the people will buy the product from a boutique, store, or online

The packaging companies are a one-stop solution if you are looking for glamorous and incredible custom boxes for your cosmetic products. A packaging company has all the necessary resources and creative design team to ensure that a particular theme is carried out according to specifications given by you. The design team is well aware of the latest design trends and always comes up with unique styles that beautifully complement the products to be packed in the custom boxes.

There is the use of both digital and offset printing is used for brand packaging design. In digital printing, the information is sent digitally, and the printer works on each piece of packaging, one at a time. The offset technique means that design is made using the CMYK option, which is short for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. People every day come across a myriad of brands that more or less look the same, and truly creative and authentic packaging design can impress them and make them want to buy the product.

In consumer and cosmetic products, the shelf impact matters the most and can easily improve the sales if the packaging is distinctive and appealing. The design that can easily be modified a little bit and not change the complete design aesthetics of the brand should be selected. The design should be visually appealing; otherwise, the women and young girls will not be interested to buy the product, whether it is nail polish or eyeliner.

The cosmetic products should always be packed in high quality, glossy, and sustainable materials. The packaging companies excel in providing numerous value-added design options such as Die Cut Window insertion, embossing, debossing, gold foiling/silver foiling, and raised ink. You can also choose the finishing quality from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, to Spot UV coatings. To make customer packaging affordable, there is an option of wholesale rates that can help you get a significant discount if you order in bulk quantity. The custom boxes are delivered flat but can quickly be assembled without any inconvenience or difficulty.

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