The Role MCB’s in Power Management

Miniature Circuit Breakers, commonly referred to as MCBs, are electromechanical devices whose main function is to protect an electrical circuit from the harmful situation of an overcurrent.

In perfect working conditions of a low voltage electrical circuit, a continuous level of current passes through the network. When a default of any type occurs in this electrical network, it is common for an instance to arise where the current goes way beyond the rated limit. This unforeseen flow of current can result in permanent damage to the electrical equipment. To protect these appliances and the individuals using them from any injury or damage, this high-rated current needs to be halted as soon as possible. This is exactly where the role of an MCB comes into play. This MCB recognizes the irregular current flow and immediately breaks the circuit. This can also be coined as the tripping action of the MCB knob.

Traditionally, this operation was carried out by a fuse – however, MCBs now have gradually and steadily displaced the fuse as the most popular safety appliance in the domain of power management and distribution management system. This significance and criticality of MCB’s in a power management system are explained in detail below:

MCBs are highly sensitive in their operation. These appliances are extremely fast in estimating potential situations that can prove to be quite dangerous. It efficiently identifies any irregularities in a productive manner, as compared to other similar outdated devices. Along with this benefit, the faulty or damaged zone of an MCB can also be easily pinpointed as well. On the other hand, in the case of a fuse, the whole wire needs to be examined to efficiently locate the defaulting zone. An MCB’s function is akin to that of limit switches, with the only difference being that they do not need to be manually operated anymore.

One of the primary characteristics of an MCB which intensifies its capabilities and reputation is the fact that their functionality can be restored with close to zero effort. To do so, one just needs to switch the knob of the miniature circuit breakers back to the ‘on’ position. Examine this in contract to a fuse – after performing its roles, it needs to be replaced entirely. To conclude – it is equally essential to note the fact that Miniature Circuit Breakers have proven themselves to be electrically safe to operate. This is facilitated through a unique interface, augmented by the additional benefits of negligible maintenance requirements and economically feasible costs. With leading manufacturers such as #SchneiderElectric India, there is an array of safe and reliable options in the market today #LifeIsOn.

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