The Relation Between Vitamin K2 And Bone Health:

The Relation Between Vitamin K2 And Bone Health:

Today I’m going to talk about vitamin k2 and some of the functions that go way beyond just dealing with bone formation.

Vitamin K2 and bone:

we talked about vitamin k2 most people associate that with making your bones more solid and also removing the soft tissue calcium from the joints or the arteries.
And then driving that into the bone and vitamin k2 works with item and D but vitamin k2 does a lot more.

As far as the function of bone goes, we might think it’s just a structural scaffolding to hold everything together but bone not only provides a structural function, but it’s vital in making immune cells.

A lot of your immune cells originate from the bone marrow, but there’s another interesting function.
Your bone acts as an endocrine gland; it makes a hormone called osteocalcin has to do with a hormone that can affect your blood sugars, and it just so happens that vitamin k2 triggers this hormone.

So vitamin k2 has the capacity of improving insulin resistance, and when I say improving insulin resistance, I’m not talking about. Worsening insulin resistance talking about making it better because vitamin k2 can increase insulin sensitivity, and there are so many people on this planet right now that have a problem with instant resistance without being aware of it.

vitamin k2, The Relation Between Vitamin K2 And Bone Health:

So vitamin k2 can help stabilize your blood sugars and increase the output of the production of insulin from your pancreas. Still, it does other things as well; it can suppress inflammation vitamin k2 is an anti-inflammatory vitamin.
We know vitamin D is anti-inflammatory by vitamin k2 can also help

Now number four vitamin k2 can decrease fat accumulation.


Because it helps to balance insulin.

All right number five vitamin k2 can also increase the capacity of energy in your mitochondria when you exercise.
Now I have some personal experience on this one here.
When I take vitamin k2 30 minutes before I go on a bike ride, I have much better endurance, especially going up hills now.

And number six it can even increase testosterone now realize if you’re female it’s not going to increase testosterone beyond your normal levels.
So it’s just going to help balance testosterone.

Now let’s talk about the foods that are high in vitamin k2.
NATO which is fermented soybeans.
Butter if it’s grass-fed.
Yolk as an egg yolk.
If you want to add some fun to your egg meals, I suggest making the frozen egg rolls in the air fryer. (but you know, don’t abound)
Goose liver.
Pepperoni of course without the nitrates.
Salami without the nitrates.

In certain cheese’s like Munster cheese Gouda brie.
Another one being Edom and hard cheese.
The key is the grass-fed chase.
Now if you look at some of these foods like NATO and sauerkraut, k2 is made by a bacteria it’s part of the fermentation process.

Now if you look at some of these other ones they’re either coming from animal fat or milk or an egg but the animal originally a grass which has a lot of vitamin k1 and then converts it to k2 as a fat-soluble vitamin and it gets stored in the fat.

Conclusion and Some best foods rich in K2 vitamin:

vitamin k2, The Relation Between Vitamin K2 And Bone Health:

k2 is about making sure calcium does not build up in the soft tissues, especially in the coronary arteries also in the joints and then it takes that calcium and pushes it into the bone.
So it makes your bones strong.

Now, as far as the amounts it depends on what you’re trying to do if you’re taking a maintenance dose to let’s say it’s a hundred micrograms I would stick with that.
If you want a therapeutic dose to go up to 400 micrograms now, Dr.erec berg recommends taking d3 with k2 at this ratio right here. So if you’re taking 100 micrograms take 10,000 IU’s of d3.
If you’re taking 200 micrograms of k2 to make 20,000, I use okay the foods high in k2.

At the top of the list, NATO has the most k2 this is fermented. Soybean product then we have.
Goose liver duck liver, chicken liver, beef liver, egg yolk has a right amount of k2 make sure it’s pasture-raised organic eggs grass-fed beef as k2 emu oil has k2 hard. Soft cheeses Gouda cheese has a proper amount of k2 pepperoni salami pork sausage grass-fed dairy products including butter and sour cream cream cheese has k2, and sauerkraut even has some k2.
This information about k2 vitamin, according to Dr.erec berg.
Thanks for reading!

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