The Quickest Way to Define the Best Cowboy Shirts

The quickest and most accurate way to define what makes up the best cowboy shirts is to admit that there is no objective way to do so. That leaves you with the understanding that the best shirts for one person might not be the favorite of another. There’s nothing wrong with that and it will give you a lot of freedom as a shopper to find the ones that you like most or are the best for you.

With that out of the way, you can get into some of the features that define western shirts or cowboy shirts. Sometimes, the western shirt is really only recognizable because of the other attributes of the person wearing it, like a hat or boots, but if you know what to look for, you can see one a mile off.

The original cowboy shirts were not really designed with style in mind, but rather made the best use of the materials that were available to afford protection to the people that wore them. Materials like denim and chambray, which are tough but durable and made from cotton which was generally widely available, are often encountered in western shirts. Cotton, which is tough and lightweight, is also breathable, making it suitable for the hot, arid western climate.

Simple cowboy shirts can also be recognized by some of the features that they typically show off. For example, they typically make use of snap buttons that can be done and undone quickly and have open collars that allow heat to escape.

Some men’s western shirts also have longer shirttails that will remain tucked in while the wearer is active and moving about, and it is also fairly common for them to have wide sleeves that give the wearer a larger, unfettered range of motion. These features of western wear are most common in the styling of rodeo shirts but can be found elsewhere in western styling.

If you’re considering the appeal of western dress shirts, it’ll be even easier for you to spot these, as they are often decorated with fringes or frills or with brightly contrasting piping. Additionally, it is very common to see men’s western shirts ornamented with colorful, ornate embroidery. Decorative patterns featuring stylized floral motifs and southwestern elements are common in cowboy shirts and other western wear.

These elements of style are not the only things to look for. Some people define value by the brands that offer them. If you’re a brand shopper, then the best cowboy shirts might be defined by the brand that is stamped on them. In that case, you can look for names like Ariat, Cinch, Wrangler, and others like Rock & Roll Cowboy, Panhandle Slim, Dale Brisby, and others. Whether you’re looking for a plain denim shirt with a few western decorations or a showstopper of a bright western long sleeve show shirt, there’s something among those brands for every taste.

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