The Purpose of a T8 LED Conversion

The Purpose of a T8 LED Conversion

Have you ever heard the term “T8 LED conversion” and wondered what this phrase means? To anyone who has no experience or background in lighting, hearing a phrase like this certainly would raise a few question marks. Here we’ll take a look at what the point of a T8 LED conversion is and what it might mean.

In general, the phrase applies to the process of replacing a T8 fluorescent bulb with an LED bulb, although there is more than one way to go about it. Depending on your fixtures or on your location, there are some places that will advise you to replace the fixture and potentially the wiring in a location before making the replacement.

Alternatively, there are T8 LED tube light bulbs that are actually specifically designed to work in the fixtures that house T8 fluorescent bulbs. These LED lights have T8 bases and some of them can be plugged right into the old base where you would traditionally have used a fluorescent bulb. They’re designed to work with the same circuit and ballast with which a T8 fluorescent bulb was designed to work. These options are “plug and play” options that don’t require any reworking or in-depth knowledge of circuitry.

There you have the essential meaning of what a T8 conversion is, but the question of why anyone would want to go through with that remains. If you already have a situation wherein you can use a fluorescent bulb, why would you want to replace it with an LED equivalent? This question gets thrown into relief with a little bit of extra familiarity with fluorescent bulbs. They are relatively cost-effective, they produce a high-quality light output and at the same time, many of them are rated to last a long time.

Knowing these strengths of fluorescent lights, there are some benefits of LED lamps that take this a step further. Many LED lamps offer the same level of light output as fluorescent options and just as much if not more variety in color temperature as T8 bulbs – and other fluorescent bulbs as well. Then of course an LED replacement for a fluorescent bulb is going to present an energy-saving measure. LED lights are more energy-efficient than practically all other alternatives. They absolutely blow incandescent light bulbs out of the water, and they outshine fluorescent bulbs in this realm as well.

In summary, if you are considering making the switch from fluorescent lights to LED lights, you can expect all of the benefits of fluorescent lighting and then some. LEDs will draw less power, keeping costs down, and they will last longer as well. In addition, they are rated to last significantly longer than most fluorescent lights. It has the potential to save you money across the board, and in some cases, they can pay you back within only a few months or years. Moreover LED lights are not manufactured with harmful chemicals like the mercury in fluorescent lights, which makes it easier to dispose of them – when you need to.

The last thing you need to know is that you don’t need to make too much out of it if you want to replace your fluorescent bulbs with a linear LED light that is compatible with your fluorescent ballast and your existing fixture. That, however, is not the only way to go. There are many options at your disposal if you want to gain the benefits of LED lights and you are certainly not limited only to one option. To check out some of the options for a T8 LED conversion, visit Atlanta Light Bulb’s team would be more than happy to go over some of the specifics of options at your disposal and even to make suggestions for your unique situation. Give them a call at 1-888-988-2852 today if you want to see your options.

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