The Phenomenal Success for Edmond Masjedi

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that count,” says Winston Churchill. So What is success? Success features a different definition for each individual. There are different types of success; for one, success could mean having financial security, whereas, for others, fame and recognition is that the key. So, the meaning of success is different to each person, and therefore the methods to implement an equivalent would be even more complicated. What’s Edmond Masjedi’s secret to success?

Edmond Masjedi of Beverly Hills received his education from the University of California, in LA. He acquired his business and communication skills from his mentors at school. Typically, Business requires special skills to draw in customers and deals. He attributes a significant part of the success to the knowledge he gained at UCLA. Talent never goes waste. Edmond Masjedi used his exceptional skills and learned from the simplest within the industry as time has gone by. The experience during these years allows him to outdo himself at every job. If we sum up Edmond Masjedi’s journey, we’ve learned some crucial lessons and paths to realize success.

Edmond Masjedi started his career at the plastic industry’s origin, where he earned trust and fame on breaking it down. It had been the big primary achievement for Edmond Masjedi from the start. He struggled to reach his high through diligence and patience. Mr. Masjedi may be a firm believer in practice. According to him, one must not pack up their goal until they reach it. Patience and skills are the two most vital ingredients for fulfillment. Honesty for your passion brings every hurdle down. Staying faithful to your dreams and family gives one the courage to grow.

Edmond Masjedi’s love for his wife and family led to the birth of their most successful venture called SnoBar. The brand SnoBar was an accidental discovery that was made when a Masjedi couple was spending time with one another. Edmond Masjedi emphasizes the importance of family support. Business is tiring and consuming. A person working hard throughout the day needs the love and care of their family. A positive environment pushes a person to stretch their horizons. When Edmond Masjedi was spending time with the family, the thought of SnoBar formed in his head. It became something that the family was the reason for, which is the biggest secret to success.

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