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Things to Know About Surrogacy Conditions in the Czech Republic

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Over the past two decades, surrogacy in the Czech Republic has become a global phenomenon. Here, the husband and wife commissions agents to stand surrogates. Depending on medical conditions, the surrogate can be the child’s genetic mother, or she can only act as a “pregnancy carrier.” This means that the child is conceived with the intended parent’s gamete, donor egg, and sperm, or some combination of the two. During surrogacy, pregnancy occurs in a medical laboratory after fertilization, and the embryo is transferred to the uterus of the selected surrogate. This is a clinical procedure in which an egg is fertilized from a woman’s body, and then an embryo is implanted into the surrogate uterus.

1. What is the law of surrogacy in the Czech Republic?

Compared with other European countries, the legislation on fertility treatment in the Czech Republic is quite liberal. However, despite this, there are still some restrictions. The current law stipulates that women who have children should be mothers the law. Thus, in the event of egg donation, the surrogate who carries the child until birth is legally the mother of the child. According to current law, for donors and recipients, the donation of cells (eggs and sperm) must be voluntary and anonymous. The clinic needs to keep the donor’s medical records for at least 30 years to protect the interests of all parties and can accept state inspections to ensure compliance by practitioners.

Furthermore, surrogacy cannot be used to select the sex of future children unless it would aid in preventing serious genetic diseases under the advice of a doctor.  Also, the Czech Republic does not legally provide surrogacy treatment to single women or same-sex couples.

2. Czech Republic surrogacy parental rights

More and more infertile Czech Republic couples are seeking help from surrogate mothers today. However, the Czech Republic currently has no legislation recognizing the parental rights to surrogacy. On the contrary, the surrogate mother must restrain herself in order to terminate all parental rights to the child immediately after the birth of the child and to delegate it to the entrusting couple together with the child. This usually depends entirely on the mutual trust of the parties concerned, though.

3.  What is the cost of surrogacy in the Czech Republic

The IVF clinics in the Czech Republic offers various surrogacy treatments at very reasonable prices. You can save much money without compromising quality or safety. As you know, knowing the cost of treatment exactly will be a big challenge. Each clinic is slightly different based on its experience and success, so the fees do differ. Though in general, the Czech Republic is known to have quite cheap surrogacy services. The price of surrogate pregnancy can be as low as 3500 Euros, and egg donation can start from 4000 Euros. Medicines can be purchased from clinics that sometimes have pharmacies, or online as well.

Where to find cheap surrogacy in the Czech Republic?

If you desire to find cheap surrogacy in Czech, an excellent surrogacy agency such as FESKOV Human Reproduction Group can help you complete the process through lower Surrogacy costs in the Czech Republic more about leihmutterschaft tschechien.

FESKOV Human Reproduction Group first selects and screens them to ensure they meet the criteria associated with the process. The Package services here are offered at a low price, which will also be suitable for all clients in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, the Surrogacy costs consist of:

– Fee for surrogate mother, usually costing between 10000-35000$

– Trips, accommodation, etc.

Benefits of Package service

1. A successful outcome is guaranteed

2. IVFs attempts are unlimited

3. There are no additional hidden payments

4. Totally safe and healthy

In conclusion, according to experts, many children are usually born to surrogate parents in the Czech Republic every year without hassles. The conditions and costs highlighted above are also of great importance and If you desire to save on these costs, the Package service highlighted above would be your best choice.

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