The New Trend of Holographic Packaging

The Trend of Holographic packaging is now increasing day by day. Basically, the holography is a technique which is used to print 3D image on the front of the box or package.

holographic boxes

Special colors and embossed inks materials are combined together to form this packaging. These Holographic boxes are mostly used for medicine boxes, drug boxes and food, bakery other useful product packaging.

How we can use these boxes for bakery:

Holographic packaging is best for bakery packaging. You can pack your bakery items and bakery sweets in these holographic boxes. For cake and other square packaging window holographic boxes are used.

These boxes are have transparent window which is used to view the cake and other bakery item without opening the box. It means you can view the cake or other bakery items outside the box without opening or touching it. The Holographic window boxes are mostly used for cake and pizza items just because of their size and shape.

Holographic Trend in Cosmetic Industry:

The holographic packaging are also used for Cosmetic products packaging and large brands. Big brands and Companies use these holographic printing techniques to print hologram reusable bags to pack cosmetic products.

You can print your company logo and other useful graphic element on these custom holographic boxes. This packaging is used to increase brand awareness and to attract more customers. The holography colors varies from purple bold tone to deep yellow. Along with color the packaging pattern on the box can also be differ when it comes to printing. But mostly the big malls and brand owner used glittered hologram bags to pack branded clothes and other useful cosmetic items.

Therefore, these holographic packaging trend can steal anyone attention just because of their cool graphic and color packaging. 

French fries packaging with holography twist:

The Hologram packaging are also used for French fry packaging. The Food Company Name are Printed with Holography Ink to make the logo visible and attractive.

French fries boxes

Also, it looks impressive and attract more customers due to its unique packaging style. Because holographic boxes are those boxes which are not commonly used in the packaging industry. Also the printing way of hologram is in a punched manner which is permanent and versatile.

Most of these boxes are made of cardboard or Kraft paper packaging material. These both are renowned packaging materials of the packaging industry. The Kraft paper makes these boxes fully secure and safe for food packaging. These boxes can be effectively used for the packaging of candies, burgers, or homemade food items. Moreover, these holographic boxes are used for food packaging. You can add attractive stickers and other fancy things to make them more attractive and perfectly fit for food packaging. 

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