The List of Top 5 Best Websites like Textsheet

In today’s world where everyone is majorly dependent on the World Wide Web. There’s no surprise in knowing that not the College students. But even the school students use it for completing their school-related works. Yes! There used to be undeniably the best free platform on the internet for students to get assistance in completing homework, assignments, and projects on time i.e., “Textsheet Website.”

1. Textsheet:

An online educational portal contains effective guides for school homework, projects, and assignments to help students find the textbook solutions without much or any hassle and too absolutely free. Isn’t it amazing!

With respect to this, the Textsheet portal became the top-most popular choice among millions of students and teachers from all across the world, till the time it was available. Yes, you heard it right! Those who don’t know let us tell you that one of the popular educational sites i.e., ‘Textsheet,’ despite the huge success is no longer available.

It went down due to some copyright violation issues and this led students to look for other similar websites like Textsheet. Considering this point, we’ve thought to dedicate this blog to all the available students out there. To help them in making their lives easier in this world which is full of competitions and questions.

As you can view online, there are uncountable numbers of websites and apps like Textsheet emerging for meeting student needs; we’ve below-mentioned the top 5 popular and effective websites out of all. So, without wasting any further second, let’s have a look at these websites like Textsheet.

2. Chegg:

Chegg website is the one because of whose copyright violation notice, Textsheet site went down. Out of all, this site is the most famous and oldest one. Every second student whether school-going or college-going prefers this site for getting academic help because on the site. They get countless textbook answers, video explanations, practice problems, and expert advice on various academic matters.

3. Slader:

On the Slader website what you will love the most is its user-friendly interface. That lets you find solutions easily in a step-by-step process. To get answers or solutions from the Slader website. All you have to do is either scan the barcode of your textbook or type the name of your textbook and that’s it! You will get all the relevant answers to your queries and questions. The only problem with this site is that it is not completely ad-free. So, to remove ads if you want you can subscribe to it at $1.99.

4. CourseHero:

CourseHero is another popular Textsheet alternative site that listed as one of the most-suited educational websites for the fact. That it contains as much as 25 million study material to fulfill every student’s needs. The site has some unique filters for courses, questions, and explanations. So, that you as a student can get answers easily just by typing the name of the textbook, school, or subject, etc. However, to use the website, make sure to ‘Sign-in’ first!

5. Study Lib:

In the beginning, though, the site looks confusing but, that’s not always the case. This is a very good website that not only offers you the opportunity to download and store solution guides. As well as documents but at the same time, also enables you to share them easily among your friends.

Also, the site covers almost every available school subject ranging from Science, Math, Social Science, Business, History, Arts and Humanities, etc and along with that. It has an alternative homepage that lets students find some trending academic documents.

6. Spark Notes:

This comprehensive website is an excellent source for each and every student who wants to get insightful guides all sorts of notes and assignments around a wide range of subjects for instance history, math, English literature, biology, science, and more. The detailed notes available on the SparkNotes website lets you master yourself quite easily in learning numerous subjects including competitive examinations like AP Subject Tests, ACT, SAT, and GRE.

That’s all! These are the top 5 alternative sites for Textsheet that as a student you’ll definitely use to help yourself in completing school homework, projects, assignments, and also in solving academic-related queries. As these aforementioned sites contain quite a good-enough collection of notes, solved papers, and assignments.

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