The Leather Oud | the Most Luxurious Perfume for a Reason

The Leather Oud | the Most Luxurious Perfume for a Reason

Why is leather oud so expensive?

Leather oud is very expensive and a very luxurious raw fragrance ingredient. And there are reasons for the price of the perfume. It is sometimes referred to as the “five thousand dollars per pound scent” and it is by far the most expensive ingredient in the fragrance industry. And this is because it is very rare and very hard to find. This is found in the resin of the agarwood tree. And not in any of the agarwood tree if that was the case this wouldn’t have been this expensive. It is normally found in the agarwood trees that have been fungus-infected. This tree is common in southeast Asia, India, and Bangladesh.

There is an abundant amount of agar trees in these regions. But there are only 2% of the trees that can provide this raw material. The experts help dig out this rare and amazing raw material from these trees. But unfortunately, these trees are considered to be endangered and threatened species. The resin is only triggered by the formation of the mold which is the reason that only 2% of the trees can produce this resin and others are not capable of doing it. This is the reason that it is considered the most expensive commodity on the essential oils in the market.

Liquid gold

The aroma of this resin is very amazing and spectacular. This is in high demand in the fragrance industry and explains the high price of the resin. This is called liquid gold for a reason. And the reason is the price which is 1.5 times the price of gold. It can cost around $5,000 per pound. And most of the retailers sell this resin for more than $300 for just a 3-gram bottle. From this, you can imagine how ridiculously expensive this resin is and how valuable too.

leather oud, The Leather Oud | the Most Luxurious Perfume for a Reason

There are some perks of using this resin too. These retailers also claim that an average user can use this small bottle for almost a year. The thin with this resin is that you don’t need a large quantity to get the fragrance. Just a small amount applied to your clothes or your body will easily last a day for you.

The fragrance is very rich in both high notes and low notes as well. It is pungent yet at the same tie very pleasing, invoking warm, and smoky notes of dampened wood as well. However, sometimes the perfume makers blend it with some floral and fruit flavors that can make it more sensual and softer.

The fragrance of the oud is very precious as well as diverse. You cannot just say that you smell a certain fragrance but it is such a nice blend of so many different fragrances. You can amaze the people besides you with the amazing smell of the leather oud. Everyone will be asking what are you wearing because it is so rare the chances are that not many people will have smelled it before.

Use in the modern perfumes

In today’s world, you will find complex formulas in the fragrances. They are constantly trying to come up with exciting new flavors. That is the reason sometimes they include some amount of leather oud in the fragrance to enhance it even further. There are many examples of perfumes that had included the leather oud in them. and they were top-notch premium and very expensive as well. that may be due to the price of the essential oils used in them.

No other perfume can match this fragrance. The base not when created by this essential oil is very strong and long-lasting. It provides the perfume necessary qualities with a good perfume must-have. This essential oil has all the important features a base note should have such as long-lasting and a strong impression. These are the things which make the leather oud the best perfume and explains why it is so expensive.

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