The Key Benefits of Volusion SEO

Volusion is a powerful eCommerce solution that is known for being user-friendly, secure, and highly customizable, but like any platform it requires additional knowledge of SEO in order to truly create a successful online presence. This is why Volusion SEO is an absolute necessity despite how reliable a platform it is out of the box.

While it may be true that Volusion offers users a wide selection of tools and features from which to draw from, search engine optimization is still a critical element to the success of any website, eCommerce or not. So far, there is no substitute for SEO that has been created for any platform on the web, which means that you have to take responsibility for the optimizations and implement them manually.

The problem with this is that Volusion SEO isn’t as simple as just making sure your pages have great titles. Regardless of the platform you are using to get into the world of eCommerce, the fact remains that Google isn’t going to just rank your website for no reason. There needs to be solid ranking signals being sent to Google, otherwise, you aren’t likely to make page one or get any significant amount of traffic.

Ranking High With Volusion SEO
The first major benefit that search engine optimization will provide for your Volusion website is those coveted page one rankings. When users are searching for various products online, you want yours front and center on the first page of Google. Those first few rankings get the lion’s share of the traffic, which means you need highly optimized SEO in order to obtain that positioning.

While it may seem arbitrary, you really can’t afford to not rank high for your products, because this is where a majority of your traffic and sales will come from unless you have a stellar social media following already built up. Like most online stores, this is not the case, so aiming for high rankings in Google will be your primary goal in the beginning and throughout the life of your website.

Stronger Brand Authority
With those higher rankings comes stronger brand authority for your business. With properly implemented Volusion SEO, you will accrue favorable attention online, which indirectly leads to more sales. You want your products to show up in Google’s rich snippets, related searches, image searches, and more. Search engine optimization will help your brand become an authority in your niche by making your website the go-to source and recognizable name for answers to user’s questions and needs.

Lasting Customers
Another major benefit of SEO is that with increased page rank and brand authority comes customer acquisition, repeat customers, and customer loyalty, which are all important components of a thriving online business. When you continuously rank high for certain search queries and questions, you will be seen so often that these users will associate your brand with the answer to their needs. This is when you begin to get bookmarked and directly searched for. Creating lasting customer relationships is one of the ultimate goals for any business, and SEO can create the groundwork to do just that.

Volusion SEO is the Starting Point
To take advantage of these key benefits, you need to invest in high-quality SEO services for your Volusion eCommerce website. You can trust in Genius eCommerce to address all of your needs and get you ranking higher than ever in the search engines. Their team has years of experience helping websites just like yours take off and grow. For more information regarding their services, get in touch with them at 267-225-1946.

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