The Incomparable Value HR Certifications Offer

Since the advent of hr tech in the recent past, the competition in the jib market to bag hr-specific jobs has intensified. You need to be highly skilled at the advanced hr technologies that are being leveraged across industries, in the present times.

Gone are the day when hr’s work responsibilities were limited to recruiting, shortlisting candidates, and executing on administrative work.

In the present day, hr professionals get involved in collaborating with the higher management to carve out apt talent-sourcing strategies.

They do so, taking help of advanced hr tech that comprise use of AI in talent sourcing, and hr management.

One needs to be skilled at using AI-powered hiring, and talent management tools in the current day and age to grab an hr-specific employment opportunity.

However, it’s a fact that majority of the current workforce in hr is not adept at leveraging AI-powered advanced hr tools. And that’s where, hr certifications come into play.

Which HR Certification to Opt For?

However, there exist a plethora of hr certification programs worldwide, among which one can opt for, but there are only a few that are globally-recognized, and preferred among the recruiters.

These comprise TMI (Talent Management Institute), SHRM (The Society for Human Resource Management), HRCI (HR Certification Institute), ATD (Association for Talent Development), HCI (Human Capital Institute), HRPA (Human Resources Professionals Association), and CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development).

Why HR Certifications?

As per PayScale, the percentage of all hr professionals that possess at least one certification in hr, is 34.2%. And that’s a good enough reason to get certified in the first place.

One more fact that will encourage all hr aspirants, and currently-working hr professionals to get certified, is that the credentialed individuals earn 10-30% more than their non-certified counterparts.

Climbing up the career-ladder quick, depends on the skillset you possess, which is directly related to the number of professional credentials in your kitty.


Professional Certifications Are the Second-Most Preferred, After Graduate Degrees

As per a study conducted by SHRM (The Society for Human Resource Management), it was found that hr certifications play much more definitive role in landing job opportunities, in comparison to other hr-related credentials such as an hr course, degree, or a certificate.

Professional certifications, in the study, were ranked as the better-performing hr credentials in varied aspects of hr career development, such as domain-specific learning, awareness of latest trends, industry-knowledge, and value-addition.

In fact, the ROI obtained on hr certifications was found the best among all the above-mentioned alternatives. Further, with the advent of hr tech, lately, the scope of value-addition that the certifications can offer is unlimited. 

Key Reasons People Get Certified in the First Place

There exist a plethora of reasons why people get themselves certified, apart from those, mentioned earlier in the article. These are:

  • To get paid better.
  • To bag a job position, for which exists an intense competition.
  • To get promoted at work, or climbing the career-ladder fast.
  • To maintain relevance in the recruitment sector.
  • To secure a better professional future.

Added to all the benefits of certifications stated above, recruiting specialists, equipped with certifications, make anywhere between $15,000 to $20,000 more, annually, while in the first couple of years of their work-life. And hence, it’s highly advisable for the young aspirants to get themselves enrolled online, in a skill-nurturing hr certification program.

Brief Conclusion

Recruiting and talent-management is a unique business function that attracts people from all kinds of educational backgrounds, and hence, a cut-throat competition. And, it’s a fact that a majority of those who apply for entry-level hr positions are non-certified. Getting yourself certified will allow you to gain a distinct competitive edge over others, and eventually, you will achieve a fulfilling success.

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