The House-Office Balancing Tips for Working Mothers in Ramadan

As we have received our guest month Ramadan, so I would like to wish “Ramadan Kareem” to fellow Muslim who comes across my blogs and raises my confidence to write up more for them. This fasting month of the Islamic calendar is the name of patience, peace and perseverance. The devoted God fearers strive with utmost religiosity to spend most of their Ramadan time in prayers, worships and supplications.  Millions of the fortunate Muslims land on the Earth’s holiest land Kaaba to perform their Ramadan special visitation through attractive Umrah Packages.

This ninth month of Islamic calendar is the period of self-improvement through self-inspection, charity and most importantly, commitment to our religious responsibilities. However, in this regard the most challenging thing in this fasting month is to balance our official and religious routine. And if you are a working woman or a working mother, the maintenance of house- office responsibilities becomes a doubly tiring task.

Management Difficulties of Working Mothers in Ramadan

The Muslim countries all over the globe sketch out the Ramadan special routine in which the working hours are reduced to half till Eid. But if you are in the non-Islamic world, it is not so. So you have to be prepared for it. I know it’s very difficult indeed because being a working lady myself I can truly understand your situation.

Being a working mother, you have to deal with your family needs, cook meals, perform Ramadan special Ibadahs and head to your working places to fulfill your official duties.  Hence that’s why the Working ladies are wonder women for me indeed.

If you are a newly working woman or a new Mother bread winner, here are some useful tips to balance your home and official life in Ramadan if you are living in non-Muslim country.

Beneficial Tips to Balance House-Office responsibilities in Ramadan

These are some useful tips for any Muslim working lady to carry on their Ramadan office and family responsibilities.  I also do the same for a sound and contented Ramadan.

Make a more Organized Time Table

Being a Muslimah mother, ask your office management to cooperate with you during this special month Ramadan by putting your genuine motherly reasons on the table. I did the same and my boss really understood my situation. So I got my working hours short in wake of Ramadan.

However, if it’s not possible for you then, you need to be more organized. Take out your planners and make proper schedules for five times prayers. Right after the Fajar Prayer, remain awake and prepare breakfasts for school going kids early.

Prioritize your Ramadan tasks with the five times prayers on the list.

Take your Personal Prayer Mat in the office

You must also take your small prayer mat to perform your Dhuhar and Asar prayers if you are at your working place. Make your Salah offering an inseparable habit in your office. I know It would be little awkward for you, but eventually you will get used to it.  Be proud to be Muslimah.

Learn Some Smart Cooking Skills

Being a working mother, you need not to be a Master Chef or Cooking expert. You need not to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare the heavy Suhoor and Iftaar meals, if you are not a housewife.  The preparation of heavy meals is the tiring and time consuming task for working women in Ramadan.

So don’t be ashamed of frying the ready-made meatballs or even using pre-cooked meals for Suhoor and Aftaar.  You can also opt for daily easiest fruit salads or fresh juices for yourself and family instead of unhealthy greasy foods.  It would be the smartest and the nutritious cooking hack indeed.

Use the Online Shop Options

A working mother and can’t find time for Eid shopping? Then stop worries and be smart. I mean go for the online shopping option even while sitting at home or your office. Isn’t it a good idea? The online system of virtual shopping has the best facility for the ones who find no time to go to shopping malls by themselves.

If you shop online in Ramadan you would save a lot of time, money and energies in this blessed fasting month. Nowadays you can even buy groceries through online grocery stores while sitting in your rest rooms. So save money with time for prayers because these mystical days would pass so swiftly.

Lessen your Work load in Ramadan

Remember, you are a human being. So you don’t need to be a multi-tasker and a supermom at the same time.  There is no shame to get the help of your colleagues in this blessed month. Don’t hesitate in handing over some of your official tasks to your non-Muslim working fellows if it is difficult to carry the bulk in Ramadan.

In your house even, you must teach your little captains to perform some of the household tasks if they are able to do so. So must also request your husband to extend the household helping hand and be little responsible for kids.

If you are a single mother you can hand over your kids to the kinder and kids-friendly management of the reliable daycare center.

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