The History of Baby Hairs Extensions

Baby hairs are the fine-textured, tiny hairs that rest along the hairline. Getting baby hair around the hairline has many explanations. Additionally, as a result of hair growth, baby hair can be seen. Besides, as a result of hair breakage, people who tie their hair too tightly usually get baby Virgin hair Extensions. Some hairs grow on the neck nape, the forehead, and hairline sides that mimic men’s beard.

On women, it can be very frustrating to have this kind of baby hair present. Because it is short, delicate, and appears in a lighter shade, it is almost impossible to manage and disguise. Dark-colored baby hair appears to be longer and distinctly separates the rest of the hairline.

Hair growth in humans is a very systematic and natural process. This happens concurrently in three different phases namely the anagen, catagen, and telogen.

In Asians, this process is typically longer and can result in dark haired baby hairs if inhibited

Allergy to stress and medication cause hormone release that impedes the complete growth of hair along with the hair extensions. Hair splitting. For people wearing spectacles, thinning, and breakage on the hair sides can often occur. This is because all hair follicles are independent, and go independently through the cycle.

If the hairs are tiny, however, they can be easily handled by them:

  • Rated for its calming qualities, use coconut oil. Over time, the overnight application induces new growth of hair and avoids breakage. This helps the hair to grow equally in terms of form and texture, thereby reducing baby hair incidence. Since it is in a gel form it will help relax the hair.
  • You may also use olive oil and almond oil to keep the hair in place.
  • Applying hairstyles that prevent extreme hair pulling back to prevent breakage which can lead to baby hair formation.

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