The Furniture Store Near Cleveland You’ve Been Waiting to Find

Have you just bought a new home? Have you begun a redesign or a renovation and you’re looking for a furniture store in your area that can help you execute your vision? If you’re looking for a Cleveland furniture store, we have good news for you. The means to pull off your vision has just arrived.

Actually, it’s been around for a while, but since it’s a bit out of the way in Peninsula, Ohio, you may just never have stumbled upon them before. This is no big-box retailer that will pass you off sweatshop designs or mass-produced furniture that will fall apart after a year or a few light uses. This is a furniture store that sells nothing but the finest furniture available in the modern world, as well as furniture of its own making.

If you have been looking for a reason to work the designs of the late visionary Milo Baughman into your home or you love the mid-century modern mystique of greats like Copeland Furniture, then Ohio Hardwood Furniture is the shop for you. While it might not be a furniture store in Cleveland, categorically, its location in northern Ohio puts it in your theoretical neighborhood.

Not only does Ohio Hardwood Furniture maintain a vast stock and selection of furniture from the most highly sought after designers in history – or present – but they have many that are ready-made while still offering models that will be built to order.

A small cross-sectional sampling of their furniture will yield up designs not only from Copeland Furniture aforesaid but also of Leathercraft, Wesley Hall, Thayer Coggin, Hubbardton Forge, and Charleston Forge, and many others. Some of these furniture manufacturers represent the most highly celebrated makers in American history. In many cases, they are still made today in the United States, in the locations in which they have been made for generations. Additionally, many of them are still entirely bench made from local, sustainably sourced hardwoods using only proven techniques.

But Ohio Hardwood Furniture doesn’t just sell the designs of others, as exalted as they might be. They also produce their own furniture and their creations want nothing.

In the first place, they use only sustainably sourced hardwoods, often giving their stocks up to ten years to replenish themselves before they harvest again whereas competitors would do so in a fraction of the time. Doing so results not only in better quality hardwood stock but ensures production of stock for the years to come.

At the same time, each and every one of their designs in furniture is completely benchmade, from start to finish. This means that a skilled craftsman had his eyes and hands on the piece from the beginning of the project to the end, and there is no way to replace that level of quality.

Finally, Ohio Hardwood Furniture is committed to reducing waste. They repurpose all of their old wood scraps as fuel for their furnaces and they even create mulch from little wood chips and swarf. Shavings and sawdust too fine to be used for these purposes are made into bedding for animals. In short, they are committed not only to quality furniture but also to the betterment of the environment.

While Ohio Hardwood might be the Cleveland furniture store you’ve only been waiting to find, if you can’t make a trip to their showroom in Peninsula, Ohio, you can always shop on their website, There, you can see all of the furniture we just extolled, as well as their own designs. Plus, they’re never more than a phone call away. Shop through their online showroom, and if you need to, give them a call at 330-657-2095.

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