The Everpure H54, Powerful Filtration In A Small Package

Water quality is one crucial variable that is typically outside of our control. You can trust your utilities company to provide you with purified water, but sometimes sources of contamination can work their way into public water lines. Even well water contamination is possible due to chemicals leaching into the watershed. One of the best ways to know that the water coming out of your faucet is actually safe to drink is by adding a dedicated filtration system to your home. Systems like the Everpure H54 are compact and offer incredible water filtration paired with low maintenance requirements. These factors make them one of the best home filtration options.

When most homeowners think about how water filtration, typically two images come to mind. Either you think of a filter water pitcher in your fridge or a faucet filter that attaches to the end of your existing faucet. While both of these filter systems have been the norm for years, they are far from your best option.

The most common filtration system is the filtered water pitcher. These pitchers filter water using disposable cartridge filters and they need almost daily refilling. Sadly, they filter water using gravity, meaning their filter media is loosely packed and ineffective. They will improve water quality, but they will not offer the same level of filtration as a dedicated filter system. Even faucet filters will offer much better drinking water quality, as they operate under pressure.

The best home filtration option is a dedicated in line filtration system, like the Everpure H54. These filters can be mounted directly under a kitchen sink to offer clean water conveniently without greatly affecting the look of your kitchen. Instead of adding a large unsightly filter to the end of your faucet, Everpure systems dispense filtered water using a small dedicated faucet that can be easily added to your sink or counter.

One of the largest benefits of these systems is the fact that they do not require constant maintenance. While a filtered water pitcher requires daily refilling, an Everpure system may only require a minute or two of maintenance per year. This is because the Everpure filter cartridges are both larger and more efficient than a gravity fed pitcher filter, which can handle about 40 gallons on average. An Everpure filter cartridge can filter anywhere from 300 to 6000 gallons of water depending on the modal being used.

Every cartridge comes with a convenient timer which will slowly change color, turning from white to fully red. When the entire indicator is red, it is time to change your cartridge. The entire process is as simple as changing a lightbulb. Just shut off the filter’s valves, unscrew the cartridge, and screw the new cartridge into place. If you are using a large amount of drinking water, you may need to replace the cartridge more than once per year. The H54 cartridge can handle up to 750 gallons of water. If your cartridge is in need of replacement, you will notice a reduced flow of water from your faucet.

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