The Essence of Swedish Gustavian Furniture

Timeless and sophisticated, the Swedish Gustavian Furniture style was inspired by French Neoclassical design and is typified by a simplistic yet refined aesthetic. Swedish Gustavian pieces are often distinguished by their practical everyday elegance with features such as a gentle color palette, detailed carvings, and plenty of whitewashed wood.

The essence of Swedish Gustavian furniture rests in uplifting colors and a natural aura that includes just a hint of rustic charm. Its cheery blues, ivories, and pale greys create a feeling of coziness that is elegant, yet casual.

In trying to create a “Paris of the North” in Stockholm, King Gustav III brought an influx of soft and soothing colors, practicality, and a kind of muted opulence that makes incorporating this style into your own home quite easy. Many of today’s popular modern home decor styles, such as the farmhouse or rustic style, draw heavily from the soft tones and use of whitewashed wood that Swedish Gustavian furniture is so known for.

If you are interested in this style of furniture for yourself, here are some of the most prominent aspects to look out for

Chalky White Tones
Perhaps one of the most iconic elements to the Swedish Gustavian style would have to be the use of whitewashing. Gustavian pieces tend to have a distinct creaminess to them, as well as evidence of weathering or distress. Whether you are looking for an exquisite oak dining table or a refined minimalist commode, you’re likely to find the same noticeable whitewashed appearance on both.

So common is this whitewashed tone that it is often referred to as a Gustavian style finish. You can use this muted and attractive look as a major component to your decor, or simply choose to highlight one specific room or piece of furniture, such as a classic dining room table.

Masculine Design Features
Most pieces inspired by the Gustavian style tend to be fairly masculine, with sleek and squared design conventions. While this may be true, they still exude a sense of warmth and gentility, which is one of the reasons why they are so adaptable.

You can incorporate such pieces into a decidedly feminine room full of delicate shabby chic decor just as well as you can into a farmhouse aesthetic. With their squared fluted legs and edges, Gustavian commodes, tables, chairs, and other pieces provide a simple and effective way to balance the look of any room. Their unmistakable essence never goes out of style, or unnoticed.

The Best Place to Find Swedish Gustavian Furniture
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With their calming tones, detailed textures, and minimalist aura, Gustavian pieces can easily infuse your home with luxury and welcoming coziness. For the best in antiques as well as incredible reproductions of Gustavian style furniture that will bring this coziness and refinement into your home, choose Eloquence®. Their love for the wondrous and beautiful is plainly evident not only in their own handcrafted work but in their collection of antique pieces as well, all of which are readily available from their online catalog.

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