The cons of oversleeping as a student

When students are sleepy, they rarely take into consideration the causes. They associate tiredness with their tremendous amount of coursework and sleep-deprivation. When in reality, it can also be because of a poor diet or because of malnutrition or oversleeping. If you are short of time, get someone write my assignment, but do not make all-nighters a part of your routine. When you start to rely on them, the worse it will all get. Many students waste their weekend sleeping but going to bed late after watching their favourite movies or shows. And then they wake up in the evening of Saturday or Sunday feeling groggy and sluggish. Notice that every time you oversleep, you will never wake up feeling fresh. Instead, you will be more tired, and you will most likely experience a headache.

From the beginning of time, science has told us that sleeping for 7 to 9 hours is good for us and our minds since it helps us unwind and gives our brains the necessary time to relax and rejuvenate. But when it comes to students. They believe that sleep is right no matter how long you sleep for, be it for 4 hours or 12 hours. There’s no in-between for them, which then, in the long-run, negatively affects their mental and physical health. This might be new to many and come as a surprise to you, but oversleeping is just as harmful as sleep-deprivation, and we are not talking about that. We need to discuss this so people can allocate their sleeping time based on that. But before we go into the details of how oversleeping can affect your health, we need to discuss the cause of sleepiness and sleep-deprivation since understanding those are crucial to solve this problem of oversleeping.

The reasons behind sleepiness:

  • Sleep-Deprivation:

One of the primary reasons for daytime sleepiness is sleep deprivation. Like we mentioned earlier, students are so occupied with their assignments and other work that they are unable to take the time to do anything else. After completing their coursework, the little time they have on hand, they utilise it to complete their chores, make food, or take a shower. It also gets hectic because only a handful of students follow a schedule, which is why they are all over the place. They barely get enough sleep at night, which makes them tired and sleepy during the day.

  • Poor sleep behaviour:

When sleeping, if a student is not peaceful, they will not be able to sleep soundly. For example, if you have a quiz the next day and are worried about it, your sleep quality will decline since you will only keep thinking about it. You might even have a nightmare that you failed or missed the class. Once all this starts happening, your sleep quality will get poor, and you might not be able to properly unwind and relax, no matter how much you sleep.

  • Caffeine:

One reason why students have a hard time sleeping is that they overdose and caffeine. They consume so much caffeine that it becomes almost impossible for them to sleep at night. You see, all caffeine does is make you feel less sleepy. But it does not relax the mind. The mid will continue to be anxious and tired while you will not be able to sleep. And that results in a messed up situation where you cannot sleep no matter how much you want to.

Now that you know the reason behind you feeling sleepy all the time, it is time that we debunk the truth about oversleeping. No matter how drained you feel, you do not need to sleep for more than 9 hours since that will only end up making matters worse for you. Here’s how.

The downside of oversleeping:

  • Cognitive Impairment:

When you oversleep, you might have a hard time remembering your day. That is something we are all familiar with. But when this continues to go on for a long time and becomes a habit, it will eventually get worse. The longer you sleep for, the more your brain functions will get affected. You might not understand what’s going on around you, your reflexes will become slow, and your memory will be affected.  You will also find it a challenge to concentrate on things and will drift off to new places. So, rather than getting fresh and focusing on something, it will be the complete opposite for you, making you feel disoriented and out of business.

  • Obesity:

Yes, obesity again. Obesity and sleep are directly related. If you sleep less than the suggested time, there is a high chance that you will gain weight. The same goes for when you sleep too much, and you will gain weight. To maintain your weight and stay physically fit and healthy, you must eat clean and sleep on time. Finding the right balance which works for you is crucial. For some people sleeping 8 hours is good enough while for some, 7 hours does the trick. Figure out the best combination for yourself and then make sure you sleep every single day at the same time and wake up like clockwork, so your mind and body can wake up feeling fresh, and you can maintain your wright.

  • Depression:

Although it is quite tough on your mental health to be alone and have a tremendous amount of work to do, oversleeping makes it worse. Since oversleeping can mess up your hormones, just as sleep deprivation can, you will experience mood swings and will notice your depression and anxiety increasing. Sleep doesn’t always make things better, which is why you need to be extra careful of how much you sleep. Do your best to sleep for the same amount of time every day, so your body doesn’t have to adapt to change every other day.


Although we think that sleep is the ultimate solution to all our problems, it is time that we look into its negative aspects as well. Sleep can prove to be more harmful than the good it can do, which is why you must have a schedule to follow. Determine your sleeping patterns and figure out how much time you need to sleep for. Follow it every single day to wake up feeling fresh and energised.

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