The Best Makeup Applying Tips

Makeup Applying Tips: One day my friend asked me how to apply makeup correctly. She was floored from the word itself. I have been wearing makeup for as long as I can remember (just lip gloss and eye shadow, Momma just didn’t let go) and I have always been using brushes. Well, today I got a new brush and I am learning how to use it properly. Let’s get started.

Makeup Applying Tips

Know About Brushes

The first thing to know about brushes is that you need to buy one that is really big enough. If your brushes are too small, you can damage your skin because they may clog your pores and make your skin look unhealthy. Also, if your brushes are too big they can take away from the natural beauty of your skin because it may become difficult to conceal certain areas or accentuate others. The best size for a brush is actually a medium to large size. So, if you are buying a new brush, make sure that the one you are getting will fit your face properly.

Makeup Applying Tips: Get Everything Blended Perfectly

Next, it’s time to put your makeup on and make sure that everything is blended perfectly. Make sure that all your colors are on the same spot and that there are no lines in your face. This will help you blend in more easily and make it appear flawless. If you are using powder, it is important to blend well because it will give you a nice even look. If you have oily skin, you will want to keep your makeup light. You can still add highlights if you want but you don’t want to overdo it. You can also get some best makeup products from the Black Opal Makeup brand.

Apply Lipstick Correctly

Next, you need to make sure that you have applied your lipstick correctly. I would say that you should start at the bottom of your lips and work your way up. Once you have completed your entire lip line, you can add the other products you were applying. If you are applying eyeliner, this part is the most crucial. If you are applying mascara, apply it to your outer lashes and to your inner lashes.

Don’t Rub Eyeliner Onto Your Eyes

Next, you need to get your mascara out. This is usually the trickiest part. Make sure that you have your makeup removed all of the ways up to your eyelashes and into your eyelashes so that you don’t rub any of your eyeliner onto your eyes. After that, you should be able to remove your mascara without having to worry about rubbing your eyes.

Apply Foundation Evenly

Lastly, you should use your brush to make sure that you are applying your foundation evenly. Once you have finished applying your makeup, you can reapply your eye makeup and your eyeliner.

Apply Mascara

If you are applying mascara, this last step is the easiest but sometimes it’s not worth doing because of how easy it is. It’s also the hardest to blend so make sure that it is completely blended before you do this last part.

Makeup Applying Tips: Add Eye Shadow

Last, you will need to add your eye shadow. Again, you want to make sure that you have enough to cover your whole eye. the lid and then some on the outer edge of your eye. You can also use mascara to blend the shadow a bit.

These tips should help you get you through all of your makeup needs in no time at all. If you need help, ask someone to help you. The last thing you need to remember is to always remember that you have all the time in the world and a little creativity to really get the look that you want.

Just remember to have fun with your makeup and have fun doing it. Sometimes you just have to take a break and try something new. It’s just a way of making you a better makeup artist and also learning some of the newest makeup techniques out there.

You Can Also Get Your Friends Advice

Another great tip is to get some makeup samples to try out. When I was learning how to apply makeup, I used to take my friends out and get their advice on what kind of makeup they like, and then I tried it on for myself.

In Conclusion

That way I could learn from them and use their knowledge on the makeup I was wearing and make sure I had it all applied correctly. After that, I didn’t need to go back and do the same steps again.

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