The Best Hammers for Roofing

When it comes to roofing there are many factors involved in completing a productive job. Obviously, the roofer should have experience and knowledge of the craft, but no artist is complete without their tools. You need to be sure that your toolbox is filled with the correct utensils. No one wants to make their way up to the roof and realize they forgot some essential piece, needed to complete their work. Tin snips, sheet metal benders, and edge folding tools are all important for metal roofing jobs. Rippers, cutters, and stake are all essential to slate roofing. Regardless of what kind of roofing job you are getting involved with, a crucial tool that you will need is a roofing hammer.

Two of the major roofing styles are slate roofing and metal roofing. You will require various different tools depending on which material you are working with. Slate is cut from natural slate rock and is commonly used in colonial areas. Slate roofing can be a bit expensive because it requires specifically trained installers. The other option is sheet metal roofing. Sheet metal roofing can be seen in contemporary areas. It is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and is said to be very durable. The type of hammer you will be purchasing will change based on which type of roofing material you are working with.

There are various things to think about when purchasing your hammer. Weight is a significant factor. Are you looking for something lightweight or something a little heavier? Some hammers offer a head that has more practical uses than others. So make sure the head can accomplish anything that you need it to. The handle is also significant. Do you want a leather handle or something made of wood? All of these are things that you should consider. Here’s a list of some roofing hammers we’d recommend for both slate jobs and sheet metal roofing jobs.

Slate Hammers
A professional slate roofer needs a hammer fit for the job. One of the best on the market would be the Stortz Slate Hammer. It is well-balanced and weighted specifically for precision striking. Trimming slate pieces is a breeze with this hammer. The hammer’s head makes it easy to leave a chamfered edge and the pointed end is perfect for creating nail holes. It is also heat-treated to ensure durability. The handle is made of comfortable leather.

A great all-in-one tool for any slate roofer to have is the Stubai Slater’s Hammer. This hammer head can trim slate, drive in nails, and punch holes with the point. It also has a unique key-hole shaped hole to pull out nails. Like the Stortz Slate Hammer, this tool is heat-treated to ensure tough use. One side of the shaft is grinded and the handle is completely leather.

Sheet Metal Hammers
If you have worked on a sheet metal roof before then you are probably aware of how important a good sheet metal hammer can be. The Freund Wedged PVC Tinner’s Hammer is an excellent choice. This hammer is lightweight, but strong making an ideal all-purpose tool. It offers a pvc hammer head with an edged end for corner work. It also features a stable wooden handle.

Another fantastic choice would be the Malco Sheet Metal Hammer. This is a very popular setting hammer used by many professionals. The beveled hammer head is polished to make it resistant to corrosion. The handle has a lacquer leather grip. This allows it to conform to the user’s hand over time, making it a very comfortable tool to use. Overall this hammer is a great option for standard seam metal roofing.

Where To Buy?
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