, The best content to get backlinks: here’s what they are

Getting to the front page on Google with guest posting and link building

If you are looking for a way to give visibility to your blog or to increase traffic, one of the things that must be taken into consideration is, without a doubt, guest posting. To tell the truth, the advantages of this link building practice certainly do not end here, because with it we also create relationships, more or less lasting, also with other bloggers, which could bring greater visibility to the current project.

This practice is called Marketing Outreach and consists precisely in establishing contacts, partnerships with other blogs and bloggers that appeal to the same audience and therefore operate in the same sector. These are the relationships that allow, through guest posting actions, to obtain the best results and the most important advantages.

At the base of everything, however, a quality choice must be made: in fact, you should not rely on the first blog that happens, but you must choose the most authoritative and related one, precisely to optimize everything and, above all, to achieve the results we aim for.

Effective guest posting: the rules to follow

The first advice that can be given in this case is to go and compile a list of bloggers and blogs that operate profitably in the sector of their interest.

Of course, if you have to analyze the numbers, otherwise it could be wasted time and you would waste original content which, otherwise, could be published elsewhere.

After identifying some interesting blogs, you must start building an active relationship with the bloggers who manage them. Like? Certainly interacting with the content they present. Only in this way and only by showing keen interest will you be able to ask them to host a guest post later. In a nutshell, the most interested bloggers are literally wooed!

At this point, therefore, it is important to know how to write a perfect SEO article. First of all, the guidelines of the blog that will host the content must be respected. This must be of quality, well written, original and, above all, interesting also for the guest blog audience since this will make the difference.

You must always remember to insert a link to your blog, naturally dofollow, and a nice call to action at the bottom of the post, so as to get the maximum possible from it.