The bathroom wall panels is a primary space in the house. After all, we spend a lot of time on it. In addition, you have to take into account nothing less than a detail: it sometimes becomes the relaxation space par excellence. Nothing like a good hot bath to end a long day.

The decoration of the bathrooms for a long time had the traditional tile as the only protagonist. Time brought new trends, but at some point the bathrooms were left behind: they struggle to get out of the traditional decoration.

If this is your case, we present you three different coating options than tiles, to give your bathroom a different, functional and elegant touch.

Bathroom wall coverings you can use


It is a vitreous product achieved by combinations of raw materials of natural origin. They have the great quality of not losing color over time.

They are also resistant and allow numerous combinations, which allows us to play with the imagination.

Anti-humidity plates

In bathrooms with poor ventilation, anti-humidity plates can be both an aesthetic and a functional covering. On the one hand, they will absorb much of the humidity from the environment, preventing the appearance of fungi and bad smells.

Furthermore, their designs allow a great variety of combinations. In both traditional and modern bathrooms, anti-humidity plates can be a decorative resource.

Stone-look coatings

Stone is an element that is not usually considered for bathrooms, but it can generate impressive effects. A full stone wall can make your bathroom look like a relaxing spa.

However, natural stone can be very expensive and difficult to lay. Also, it can be damaged by certain cleaning products, and the designs you can get are limited.

So if you are thinking of texturing your bathroom with stone, the best option is artificial stone. These are cementitious coatings, with great durability and that perfectly emulate stone. They have varied models and shapes, which can be combined whether you are looking for a rustic bathroom or if you want to give it a minimalist touch.

They will allow you to make personal designs, such as covering entire walls. They are durable and easy to install, and will completely change the look of your bathroom.