The Benefits of Wide Work Boots

If you spend an appreciable amount of time outdoors, either for your job or for recreation like yard work or hunting, then you probably own a quality pair of work boots. If not, you should, because work boots can help keep you safe from a number of different hazards that you are liable to experience in the outdoors. There’s no one way to categorize them, so let’s just go through a number of the common hazards that you may experience outside and then how Wide Work Boots can protect you.

In the first place, you are liable to experience the negative effects of the cold when you are outside in the winter. While wide work boots are imperative for literally anyone with a wide foot to wear, slightly wider work boots can have benefits for other people that spend time outside in the cold. This is because wider boots will trap more air inside close to your foot, whereas narrower boots would constrict your foot which has an adverse effect on circulation and thus on the insulative properties of the boots.

In the second place, boots can protect your feet from getting wide. Boots don’t need to be wide to protect you from the rain or from puddles, but if you have a wide foot, there’s no sense in being uncomfortable about it. Get boots that are waterproof if you are constantly in wet areas and make sure they are in your size. In truth, you should just get waterproof boots anyway to be prepared. Allowing your feet to get wet can be terrible if you are in a cold environment. Even if not, wet boots can chafe your feet and turn an otherwise pleasant outing nasty very fast.

Boots are also critical for supporting you and offering some other benefits like shock absorbers and slip resistant soles, even when the conditions aren’t necessarily adverse. However, if your boots aren’t sized properly, you’ll basically be missing out on all of these benefits. If your boots constrict your feet, the diminished sensation you will experience will nullify the slip resistance and other cushioning they can offer. Consider the fact that if you are uncomfortable because your boots are applying constant pressure to your feet, you won’t be comfortable to begin with. Who cares, then, if the soles are soft and supportive?

Additionally, work boots are intended to protect you from occupational hazards like drops and punctures through the sole. This is why you can find steel toe work boots as well as boots with shanks and puncture resistant soles. Those features that make the boots tough are also features that can put you in pain if the boots don’t fit. Therefore, if you need work boots for wide feet, you can’t afford to be making compromises. That steel or composite toe that is supposed to protect your toes and keep you comfortable will become a rigid, painfully undersized prison for your feet in short order.

Therefore, if you need a work boot for wide feet, even if you wear some ridiculously large and hard to find size, you shouldn’t compromise on sizing or quality. You can get precisely what you need, with the features that you need, in the brand that you want. If you were thinking that that is easier said than done, then you may be very well unfamiliar with XL Feet. Their entire business model is to provide larger boots and shoes to guys with extra large feet, as their name might suggest. You can find a collection of wide work boots – and any other type of shoe you are likely to need – on their website at

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