The Battle For Traffic Through SEO And Social Media Marketing

You may face a dilemma when you want to gain more traffic to your site as to whether you should focus on organic SEO or go for SMM or Social Media Marketing. Moreover, with advanced SEO reigning supreme now in the social media marketing landscape, this choice seems to be harder to make.

Ideally, experts think that SEO and SMM are both useful but not mandatory to have both in your business marketing strategy. Yes, you can get one or the other if you do not want to have both, but that will be more like having bread without butter.

In today’s scenario, you will not be able to get the desired SEO result if you do not focus on creating well-curated and executed content. This is where social media come into play. SMM will help you to:

  • Compare all the available marketing channels
  • Unlock the unexplored potential of each and
  • Gain the inherited benefits of SEO in the best and most surprising ways.

These are the primary reasons as to why you should have SEO and SMM closely entwinedin your activities if you want to take the advantage of the social media platforms. You will surely be able to increase the visibility of your site in Google and also affect the performance of your site directly.

Influence the interaction of individuals

When you use SEO and SMM together, you will be able to influence the interaction and engagement level of the individuals visiting your site. It is seen that there is a significant rise in the popularity of social media networks and online communities technology. This has created more interest amongst the marketers in two specific areas such as:

  • Peer influence and
  • Social interaction.

This is not an easy job and it is also not an immediate need to detect, measure and classify peer influence online as well as its effects on SEO. There are several researches conducted on this and it has established this fact.

These researches have shown that these types of influences depend on several factors such as:

  • Liking the product and its adoption
  • Diffusion of the products
  • Construction of product ratings
  • The social network data available online
  • Identification of the role of influential users
  • The effect of the ads through one or different social networks as well as
  • The existence of the influence of social peers per se.

With the help of the social network data available and its proper analysis you will be able to make proper prediction to ensure better targeting based on the individual behavior of the users.

Social media retargeting

Integration of SEO and SMM in your marketing strategies will also help you to get what you need with better social media retargeting.

Social media retargeting is essential in today’s marketing scenario simply due to the fact that a particular shopper looks for the information on a particular product before making a purchase by browsing almost everywhere. This means, you can rest assured that they will browse other sites once they leave yours to make an informed decision.

  • With the use of social retargeting strategy, these probable customers will be reintroduced to the products that that are looking for and are somewhat inclined to make a purchase.
  • In addition to that, this will also act as a sort of promotion for your product as well as incentivize and encourage them to come back to your site to make a purchase.

Typically, when it comes to social media retargeting, Facebook and Instagram make it easier for the marketers. This is because they will be able to use a large variety of ad formats that will be more appealing g to them. Sometimes, it may prove to be so useful that, depending on the type of social media platform you are using, you may not even have to buy real Instagram likes to gain more traffic, if you are using Instagram platform for your marketing purposes.

Choosing the social sharing sites

Now that you know about the need and benefits of integrating SEO and SMM to boost your SEO as well as drive more traffic to your sites, you will need to focus on the selection of the right social media platforms. There is a humongous number of it out there but there are a few specific ones that are more useful. A few of these sites are:

  • Twitter: Though this may not be feature at the top of the preference list, it has got a huge potential to reach to a large audience and make your content marketing and SEO effort successful.
  • Pinterest: With 80% of its large 175 monthly average users being females, this is another platform that you can use as a social bookmarking site.

In addition to that if you are looking for a few other sites then try out any of the following:

  • StumbleUpon
  • Dribble
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Folkd
  • Reddit
  • Fark
  • BizSugar
  • Slashdot
  • We Heart It
  • Scoop.It
  • Trendiee
  • Diigo
  • BibSonomy
  • CiteULike
  • Pearltrees
  • DZone
  • Medium
  • SlideShare
  • Quora
  • Flipboard
  • Feedly
  • Instapaper
  • Kirtsy
  • LinkaGoGo
  • Disqus
  • Listly
  • Tumblr
  • Crazybacklink
  • Dotnetkicks
  • Emolinks
  • Facecool
  • MozyLink
  • PiPiNews
  • Sitejot
  • Skybacklinks
  • SocialBookmarkNow
  • SocioPost
  • TechDirt
  • Tracky
  • Zypid
  • MetaFilter
  • AixinDashi
  • BookMarkBook
  • Bookmarkfeeds
  • BookmarkMaps and
  • FreeSocialengine.

You may be surprised that there is no mention about Facebook and Instagram. This simply because it really needs no specific mention or establishing that Facebook and Instagram are two most popular sites that you can use.

Effective SEO techniques

However, simply using the best site will not ensure higher SEO rank and effects. You will need to follow the best SEO techniques that are effective in today’s market drive more organic traffic to your site in 2022. Also visit Digital Marketing Course in Noida.

The tactics involve:

  • Improving user experience
  • Optimizing voice search
  • Focusing on topics and not keywords and
  • Building a variety of backlinks.

It is only when you choose the right SEO techniques you will be able to hit the top of the rankings chart as well as boost the number of monthly visitors from your social organic search. This will help you to get a proper control over on-page and off-page technical optimization.

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