The global crisis of Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected the global business. There is no doubt about it. The companies have stuck in the midway of supply and demand. With not much demand in the marketplace, fulfilling the needs of the supply chain is getting very challenging.

The lockdown is still going on in most parts of the UK, and it is likely to be extended. However, the world has to move on. The situation may not be suitable for the existing enterprises, as they have to be patient.

If we take positively, then we can assume that such a situation may witness the birth of many start-up businesses. Yes, it may look surprising, but it can happen. The primary reason for this can be the growing number of unemployed people. Indeed, the lockdown has snatched the employments of many people.

There can be a chance that few of these people may have enough savings, which they can use in opening a start-up business. It is indeed an excellent idea to save finances and the future too. Of course, it is a risky option, but probably, it is the need of changing time.

Are the savings enough for the start-up?

Questions are going to be many in such circumstances, but we need to have their proper answers.

Savings are there but enough to give you a new earning opportunity? It may be confusion in your mind, but you do not need to be too much concerned. During the ongoing lockdown, one market is still open and helping people financially. Yes, it is the direct lending market in the UK.

The lenders are still working to help people in fulfilling their regular or irregular expenses by only applying through online mode. They are doing this by sitting at their home and receiving the necessary funds.

The loan products are many to approach, but currently, the demand is high of the business loans for unemployed from a direct lender. As these are the specific funding sources, funds are accessible to open a new start-up and start own earning.

The Concept of B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S

Now let’s back to our main discussion, i.e. business.

The professional life has many challenges, and without going par on them, you cannot taste the success. A hardcore reality you have to accept. Nothing is impossible, but to make it possible, you need to do an extreme work hard.

Today, the circumstances are not ideal, but they will not remain as it is. The business market will see the necessary improvement in the coming days, and everything will come back on track. You need to be Positive and Optimistic.

To encourage you at the start of your journey, we have brought the new concept of b-u-s-i-n-e-s-s. Please continue to read below this exciting explanation.

B- Be Patient

As said above that patience is the key. The time is not in your hand right now, but it will change soon. If you keep thinking about the sorrow of losing the jobs, then you cannot take even a single step. Instead, you should wait until a few days in the hope that everything will become comfortable.

You have savings and borrowing option is also there is utilise. It means you have the financial backup to start a venture. Wait until the lockdown is lifted and then you can check the authorities to get the permission.


The next concept is of understanding. It is indeed a crucial part because without understanding the market, current demand, and total cost, you cannot plan anything for your business.

It might be a chance that you are still unable to start a company due to the lack of more funds. In such a case, you want to kick-start a business with your friend or family member under the partnership. Thus, mutual understanding is paramount.


We have discussed this point earlier, but here we are taking it with a different perspective.

It is okay that you have the savings that you have been accumulating from your earned monthly income. Now the time has come to utilise it further. After the lockdown, getting a new job early may not be a possibility. It is why you can think of your small business.

Please do not use the savings for regular expenses. Instead, you should cut down your costs further and keep concentrating on the market.


Yes, you have to be intelligent enough to start a business, to use the savings, or to utilise the borrowing funds accurately.

Many people make this mistake where they have the savings, but they could not plan everything rightly and later feel bad to not to start their company. You should not make that same error in your life. It would be better if you seek the guidance of a business expert and research a lot.

N-Never feel depressed

It is a bit philosophical one, but the essential pointer to discuss. You have planned everything for your business at the notepad or in the excel sheet, but not every plan needs to get implementation properly.

In such a situation, you do not feel bad instead of retry to achieve your goal. If you feel depressed right at the start, then all your plans will be shattered one-by-one.

E-Efforts in the right direction

Your efforts should be in the right direction. Market analysis is the significant point here because you should know how your competitors are working, what their targets are and how they are responding to their customers.

You do not need to copy their plans, but you can learn from them and open up their ideas as well as tactics. The business should be on that niche that works better in the market.


Be sincere in each step and do not rely on the shortcuts. Sincerity is the core of the business because the right steps will bring the right money into your bank account. Keep communicating with your family and share with them your desire.

Get their backup and be strong in facing all the difficulties to start a venture. However, a few moments will come when you have to take hard decisions. If you are sincere, then you will manipulate over them.


Once you can start the business, you need team members of different levels to perform various tasks. Hiring a team requires special skills, and if you have, then you can have the right staff that is dedicated to your company.

Keep the right balance of experience and youth while hiring the professionals so that you can keep the quality and quantity.

Therefore, these vital steps are to follow while starting a new business after the lockdown or the pandemic is over. Don’t forget to utilise the borrowing option.