The Applications of different Types of Flow Measurement Devices

Industrial processes will utilize flow measurement devices to ensure they better utilize the resources. The equipment is critical in determining the amount of fluid passing through systems. Management of wash bays uses them to improve their profitability. It helps determine the amount and type of fluid you want to use for your designs.

By knowing the different types of devices in the market, a person can learn the best choice according to their needs.

However, there are several factors you need to consider when looking for the best equipment to measure the flow of fluids in the commercial and industrial setting.

The type of material it uses and its durability is what people look out for. On the other hand, customers can find a suitable item that suits their budget.

Types of Flow Meters

A flow meter is a tool to measure the rate at which a fluid flows. Here are some of the most common ones in the market and their applications;

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Advancement in technology enables businesses to monitor the flow of waste fluids by using transmitters and receivers. Components’ placement is outside the pipes, one close to the fluid source and the other towards the other end of the flow.

There is no obstruction to the flow, and the results can be more accurate by using a model with more than one flow paths.

Ultrasonic flow meters are portable and adaptable to different kinds of settings. Corrosive fluids do not easily damage them.

Vortex Meters

The equipment operates by placing an obstruction at a 90-degree angle to the flow. Vortices resulting from the barrier aids in determining the rate at which a fluid is flowing.

It is a versatile tool for industrial use as it is used for different kinds of liquids. The speed at which the vortices form will signify the flow rate. They are directly proportional to each other.

The devices are resistant to wear and tear, making them long-lasting.  However, it is critical to avoid using them with corrosive components as they will be ineffective.

Parts of the vortex meters do not move and will require minimal maintenance them. Its output can be analogue or digital.

Magnetic Flow Meters

It bases its operations on magnetic induction, where it uses sensors to know the potential difference. There has to be a conductor and a nonconductor in the system. Typically, it is fluid and the pipe, respectively.

Magnetic flowmeters can handle any kind of fluid irrespective of its viscosity or density. It is also adaptable to a variety of piping systems.

Differential Flow Meters

There exists a pressure difference in fluids between the upstream and downstream. The most common tools involve fabricating a system with plates to determine the flow rate. It will cost barely the same despite the size of the pipe. However, it has a minimal range.

The venturi meters are another popular type of flow meters in the market. It is adaptable to extreme weather conditions.


Before purchasing any product from the market, it is critical to read its description to ensure you are buying the right thing.

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