The 3 Best Platforms to Invest in Cryptocurrencies [Ranking 2020]

The crypto investments represent the new phenomenon of the moment among enthusiasts of trading online. But what are the best platforms to invest in cryptocurrencies?

In order to let you know about this subject, we will show below a list with some of the best platforms and how to invest in cryptocurrencies found in the market.

Just to illustrate, think of the times when Bitcoin received a lot of advertising through the media like the internet and other channels.

Certainly, the reasons for this success are due to the possibility of obtaining concrete results quickly, due to its volatility.

1. eToro: Copy the best

The eToro platform is a spectacular option for those who want to operate with cryptocurrencies, whether they are already well prepared or those who don’t even know which cryptocurrencies are available on the market.

In this way, we can say that eToro is a simple platform that allows you to invest in practically all the main existing cryptocurrencies (both Bitcoin and emerging ones) and this in a safe and intuitive way. But does not stop there.

Being that the main characteristic of eToro represents a true revolution in the field of trading: the ability to copy the best results from investors.

In addition, eToro offers a free system that allows you to find investors who have gained more in the past with minimal risk (Popular Investor). These PopularInvestors can be copied automatically: all your transactions are replicated in the copier’s account.

Obviously, copying the investors (in cryptocurrencies or any other high-value financial asset) that have gained the most in the past is a good way to trade. In addition, by watching what they do in real-time, it is easy to learn how to trade without mistakes.

2. IQ Option: Low Minimum Deposit

The IQ Option is one of criptodivisas trading platforms most popular for beginners. Not only is it very simple and intuitive (some say it is the most intuitive trading platform in history), but also because it allows you to start with just 10 euros.

The best platforms require between 100 and 250 starting capital: which is not a large sum, but it is still money. With the IQ Option, you can start with just 10 euros.

Certainly, IQ Option has broken down all barriers for those who want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies: you no longer need a large amount of capital (only 10 euros) and you do not need previous experience and knowledge to operate, as the platform is really simple and intuitive.

So that those who really want to learn everything about cryptocurrencies have dozens of video courses available that explain how to operate, from the basic steps to the most complex strategies.

So IQ Option is one of the most complete platforms out there, it allows you to operate with dozens of different cryptocurrencies.

In summary about this excellent cryptocurrency platform, we must mention the fact that you can trade with a free, unlimited, and unrestricted demo, probably the best way to get started with risk-free cryptocurrencies.

3. Plus500: Simple Platform

Plus500  is one of the most reliable Trading platforms and popular in Europe. It is available in Portuguese and in dozens of other languages.

In addition to Plus500, you can trade with CFD Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and all other major cryptocurrencies, as well as thousands of more traditional financial assets (stocks, currencies, raw materials, ETFs and options).

In fact, Plus500  is famous for being a truly professional solution, with refined instruments, capable of offering greater added value to the investor. The interface is also very simple and intuitive.

So Plus500 is commission-free.

It is possible to operate in a demo form, without limitations and restrictions (always free).

Criptobroker: What is it?

We can say that a crypto broker is a broker that provides the means to do cryptocurrency trading, among them we have Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, etc … in addition to other available assets.

This way, in general terms, you can trade with cryptocurrencies, as if they were normal currencies.

Of course, when you open an account on a crypto broker, you can now start trading with cryptocurrencies through your platform. However, it is important to take into account some points that will make a difference when dealing with this platform.

However, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile products and the available level of leverage is less than that used in Forex.

Before you start investing in cryptocurrencies, it is essential to:

  • have a clear investment strategy
  • have alerts
  • monitor graphs and market movements
  • Be aware of the main news on the subject, as the prices of these assets vary very quickly and can change at any time.

What is the best cryptocurrency platform?

Just a few years ago, it was difficult to find a cryptocurrency broker.

And these were not too distant times, when Bitcoin counting was $20.

Thus, the financial sector showed no interest in selling this type of asset.

So there were no businesses, there were no interested brokers or very few brokers that allowed to operate.

And some of these brokers no longer exist, some have lasted longer than others and, therefore, others have emerged.

But the market was slowly changing towards the high that Bitcoin was presenting.

Even when it reached $ 1000 – and in the following stages – a large number of CFD brokers made the decision that it was time to expand assets and enter the business.

Features of the best platforms to invest in cryptocurrencies

What are the characteristics that we should consider in a platform for trading with cryptocurrencies?

In principle, a  demanding trader  should evaluate the following points:

  • The financial instrument they propose for trading ( CFDs  or others)
  • Trading conditions (spread, leverage)
  • The instruments for safe trading ( stop loss , stop gain).
  • The variety of cryptocurrencies offered
  • If it is possible to operate with small capital
  • The security of trader’s investments
  • Let’s look at all these characteristics one by one.

Want to choose among the best platforms to invest in cryptocurrencies

A really significant point, which represented an important turnaround in cryptocurrency brokers, is the possibility of being able to trade with leverage (which means that you can trade with more capital than is available in your balance).

However, not long ago, the norm was that crypto brokers always offered to operate without leverage (totally similar to the common stock market), but this trend has changed.

In this way, a more dynamic market is stimulated, but at the same time – it must be mentioned – much more risky.

The financial instrument they propose for trading

In online trading with cryptocurrencies you trade mainly through CFDs .

CFDs or Contracts for Difference are securities that copy the performance of an underlying instrument. The CFD of a crypto currency, for example, copies the performance of the crypto currency market.

In this way, in CFD trading , the user (trader) can open Long positions (buy) to profit from the upward changes in the underlying financial instrument.

Likewise, it can open Short (sell) positions to gain from downward changes in the underlying financial instrument.

But we recommend trading with CFDs , because they are tools that allow us to open positions that expose us to less risk compared to traditional investments.

In addition, they present a series of very interesting and practical instruments for the safety of operations.

In this way, they allow you to open a position or close it again whenever you want, on the open market.

Trading conditions

Among the most important trading conditions that we should consider when choosing a cryptocurrency trading platform are spread and leverage.

The spread (difference) represents a percentage that is applied to the operation when opening a position. It is the only compensation that the broker retains for its services.

Therefore, the spread represents a cost that depends on the selected instrument and the broker . Brokers apply different spreads and offer advantageous conditions with instruments that vary according to each broker.

Consequently, financial leverage is a proportion that indicates the magnitude of the margin required by the trader in relation to the total value of the securities he trades. For example, with a leverage of 1: 100 and bonds with a total value of $ 10,000, the trader will be exposed to just $ 100 dollars. With cryptographic currencies, lower financial levers, such as 1:10 or 1: 5, are usually offered.

Trading security instruments

Brokers, in their platforms, offer different tools for the security of trading operations . Therefore, the most important and effective, especially in these operations, are stop loss and stop gain.

As Stop Loss an order given by the broker platform which automatically close a position that reaches a certain percentage of loss. When this established level is reached, the position is closed and the capital no longer suffers losses.

But the stop gain is a very valuable order in some cases. But, it is not offered for all financial instruments (not even for all cryptocurrencies), nor is it offered by all brokers. This is an order that automatically closes a position when there are sudden and strong changes in prices.

Therefore, it is excellent for cryptocurrencies, which can sometimes suffer from such variations. Stop gain is not free and requires an additional spread, as if it were a small “insurance”.

The variety of cryptocurrencies on offer

There are many cryptocurrencies. However, few are important in terms of proposals and performance.

So the variety of cryptocurrencies can be good when those that really have the potential mentioned above are made available. The wide range of cryptocurrencies in itself is not enough. There must be real potential to get results, operating at high or low.

Among the most important cryptocurrencies offered at this time are:

  • Bitcoin : is the most important and valuable cryptocurrency in the world. For more information on how to trade with Bitcoin, visit our page with information about Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin cash : It is the cash version of Bitcoin, launched in August 2017. For more information, visit our page with information about Bitcoin Cash.
  • Ethereum : is a cryptocurrency used mainly for smart contracts. For more information on how to trade with Ethereum, visit our Ethereum information page .
  • Ripple : is a cryptocurrency designed for use by banks. For more information on how to operate with Ripple, please visit our page with information about Ripple .
  • Litecoin : It emerged from Bitcoin, trying to overcome it. For more information on how to do business with Litecoin, please visit our Litecoin information page.
  • Dash : has similar characteristics to Bitcoin, with some improvements, but is forced to operate in the shadow of the most famous cryptocurrency. Too similar to have an easy life. Most users tend to appreciate what has already been “proven”. For more information on how to operate Dash, visit our Dash information page .
  • If it is possible to operate with little capital
  • Among the best advantages of online trading and the reasons he was born, is the ability to trade with little capital . By little capital we mean the capital that starts with a few dollars. In certain cases, it is possible to trade with very small quantities.

Likewise, in online trading you can also trade with standard and even very high capital. This is a very practiced activity and, at the same time, controlled and regulated.

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