10 Technology Trends that Will Change the Way Businesses Work

The COVID-19 pandemic can be responsible for the long-lasting impact on how we live, how organizations operate, and how they view remote work. While complying with healthcare and government agencies’ guidelines, companies are considering mandatory work from home or other remote work options.

2020 doesn’t sound like we predicted it to be, but technology runs faster. Instagram, Alexa, Uber, Virtual Reality gadgets, smartwatches, etc. were nowhere around a decade ago.

Today, technologically prepared enterprises take these hard times as challenges and/or opportunities to find out something new. That may become a trend in the industry. For instance, an effective business plan to adapt to the current situation. For those having deficiencies in equipment, software, or essential WFH tools. This is an opportunity to transform the way they operate.

To get a little closer to the market situation, let’s check some business owners’ responses on ‘what new technology & trends they are currently seeing.New Tech Trends That Will Change The Way You Work.

New Tech Trends That Will Change The Way Businesses Work

01) Virtual Notary Services

Credit: Rex Chatterjee,Managing Principal of Chatterjee Legal, P.C.

The one trend we’re seeing that isn’t getting discussed much is the use of virtual/online notaries. Many attorneys in private practice offer the service as an added value, but there are also some online platforms such as Notarize that perform virtual notaries as a standalone service.

Virtual notary services have become increasingly popular in light of current restrictions on normal business activity. Even when these restrictions are lifted, we believe the trend will last, as it’s a major time-saver versus more traditional in-person options.

02) The Comeback of Containerization

Credit: Peter Jackson, CEO of Bluescape 

An older trend that we see making a comeback amid permanent remote work is containerization. We’ve known that this technology allows teams to share large files and entire folders altogether for collaboration. Remote work is making this even more important.

First, the security that containerization brings is direly needed, especially considering the surge in cyberattacks since companies went remote in March.

Secondly, containerization enables agility and fasting scaling, which is particularly important as companies continue to hire via virtual conferences and onboard their new hires completely digitally. Finally, the management is easy to monitor and flexible for cross-team collaboration. 

03)  Typing Robots

Credit: Scot J Chrisman, Founder & CEO at THE MEDIA HOUSE

Typing robots are the wave of the future. It will change how people use their computers, laptops, and smartphones. And I don’t mean typing robots literally. What I mean is a machine that can learn. It wouldn’t be like Siri and Alexa either. These would use Artificial Intelligence that will help you through the process of typing.

They would be in offices or homes to help you with your typing needs. It would take dictation, fix your grammar, or even let your write code. As for my digital marketing company, these typing robots would help write engaging content that focuses on digital marketing strategies. 

04)  Cybersecurity Technologies

Credit: Timo Wilson,CEO of Asap Credit Solutions

All of us have some kind of cybersecurity installed on our computers or laptops. Companies have complex cybersecurity software prior to this pandemic. However, now that almost everything is in digital marketing or is on the internet. This will be the next big thing.

Enhanced cybersecurity software will be invented to prevent malevolent hackers or internet breaches soon. No one has been talking about this now because it has been here, but this is the one to watch out for in the next year or so.

Cybersecurity will evolve to defend government websites, multi-million companies, and banks from possible illegal access or activities. Tough cybersecuriy measures will be on-demand as we are now in the new normal.As a finance and credit expert, we should be betting on manufacturers or organizations who are responsible for these kinds of software.

05)  Internet Advancement

Credit: John Howard, Founder & CEO at Coupon Lawn

As I own a business that runs in the power of the Internet, the technology that I am looking forward to is Internet access for everyone and anywhere. Although there are a lot of places and spots that offer free Internet connection, it’s still limited, and not everyone has access to the Internet.

If this technology advancement happens, this will bring a great cause not only for my company but to all companies that fully operate within it. If all people have Internet access, we can reach more people through different online marketing strategies. This will help with the further development of economy and technology.

06)Instagram Spark AR filters

Credit: Maggie Winters Gaudaen, Partner & Creative Director at January

I haven’t heard much about Instagram Spark AR filters as an advertising tool yet. It’s surprising because they have great potential to add value as part of a brand’s marketing strategy. Anytime people can play with and interact with a brand, there’s the opportunity for engagement.

Or maybe even more importantly, Spark AR filters can be used to drive awareness about social change and activism in a new way, right on-platform. Our agency created a Spark AR filter with the Environmental Defense Fund for Earth Day. This (with zero media spend) was deployed by hundreds of folks to raise awareness for the virtual climate strike.

07)Taking B2B Collaboration to the Next Level

Credit: Andrew Butt CEO of Enable

With our cloud-based deal management software, we started with tracking rebates and are broadening out into other forms of deals, trading agreements and programs. In the U.S. alone, these B2B trading agreements add up to hundreds of billions of dollars every year. We call this the deal economy.

Whether you have deals with suppliers, distributors, resellers, buying groups or all of the above our software can help. It will manage them more effectively, and seize every opportunity the deal economy represents.

We specifically help suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers to drive mutually profitable growth while improving cash flow and reducing risk. Using our product means our customers have more accuracy in their data. This, in turn, means they can make better trading decisions faster. Choosing how and where to focus their sales efforts in terms of products, customers, and locations.

We want to take B2B collaboration to the next level . Empower commercial and finance teams within the supply chain, who have been neglected with outdated software products offering limited functionality

08) New skills and Secure Employment.

Credit: Anousheh Ansari, XPRIZE CEO and New Profit Partner, Angela Jackson

One trend, which is disturbing is the fact that there are 40M unemployed Americans. Most African Americans and Latinx who have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19, as well as, the loss of jobs due to automation. These are all knowns, but where are the solutions in play that are being developed to help eradicate, educate, and get people working again?

XPRIZE CEO, Anousheh Ansari, and New Profit Partner Angela Jackson have just launched a $5M competition calling on the world’s brightest minds to help solve those very issues.

The competition is about training underestimated people to gain new skills and secure employment amid drastic changes in the workforce due to technological advances as well as market shifts from COVID-19. XPRIZE is searching for teams to develop a solution to reskill, train, and retain workers in new innovative ways. This can be applied to multiple occupations.

Teams must prove reskilling can be done two-times faster than current solutions and must be affordable, accessible, and collaborative. The focus will be on over 80 occupations that are growing at rates faster than the national average. Require only a high school diploma or post-secondary certificate, and pay above the living wage. The goal is to set a new standard for how current and future generations of workers are trained for tomorrow’s jobs.

09) Virtual Events

Credit:  Bruce, CEO of BruceHarpham

In 2020, I’ve been following the virtual events trend with great interest. Some organizations, like TechToronto have done a fantastic job of organizing virtual events using platforms such as Hopin.

Alas, other organizations have struggled to make these events engaging. I think it is a big trend because many of us are feeling “Zoom fatigue” from attending so many online events.

As a result, simply offering a virtual event is no longer compelling – the novelty factor is starting to wear off. Since travel to conferences and events are going to be sharply limited in 2020, it is time to find ways to make virtual events work.

10) Voice Command Technology

 Credit: Norhanie Pangulima,Digital Marketing Executive at Traffic

Being in the field of marketing requires creative and flexible ideas. As well as the ability to cope up with the fast-phased industry. Aside from keeping up with the current trends that are usually talked about by most marketers. My team and I are also watching the trend of using voice technology that is rarely talked about this year. 

Though other professionals assume that voice technology doesn’t really have great commercial value for digital marketing.We believe that it can add a human side to our marketing efforts.

For instance, instead of only creating strong content that are either published on our marketing channels or sent via email. We can make it more interactive by adding the option of accessing Alexa, Google, or Cortana to get special offers and discounts. We are thinking of specific codes that they can tell using voice command that will link them to our site and let them avail our promos.


In 2020, companies must review their cybersecurity measures. Utilize data and analytical tools, and work together in making a sustainable ecosystem. For that, they need to train the existing staff, making them capable of using the latest IT tools and subscriptions offering limitless features for business management. There will be many chances to find opportunities while dealing with new industry challenges coming on the way toward business growth and expansion.

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Eliza Davies works as a business development manager at Cogneesol, a well-renowned business process outsourcing company offering nsurance back-office, data management, technology, accounting, and legal services. She is responsible for generating sales for the insurance division. She also likes to write about insurance latest trends, and technology in the insurance industry.