How many people are breaking their fates by completely voluntarily sacrificing themselves, which no one has ever demanded. Thinking that this is how they do good for loved ones, they do not understand that they spoil life for themselves and others. The priority is to deal with anxiety, panic and depression; keep your mind stable as much as possible to tackle critical situations of life.

If everyone lived more consciously, there would not be so many miserable, lonely and evil among us.

I suggest reading a wonderful tale for adults, with a very deep meaning.

“Do they take the place of sacrifice here?

– Here, here! You will be following me. I am 852, you are 853.

– Oh, mummies … This is when the turn comes?

“Don’t worry, it’s quick here.” What are you sacrificing in the name of?

“I am in the name of love.” And you?
– And I – in the name of children. Children are my everything!

“What did you bring as a sacrifice?”

, Tale of an unnecessary sacrifice. Simple and clear about how we ourselves are ready to ruin our lives

– Your personal life. If only the children were healthy and happy. I give everything to them. Married a good man called – did not go. How will I bring my stepfather to their house? (Stepfather works in a construction company). I quit my beloved job because I travel far. She got a job as a nanny in a kindergarten, so she could see, under supervision, well-groomed and well-fed. Everything, all the children! Myself – nothing.

– Oh, I understand you. And I want to sacrifice relationships … You see, my husband and I have nothing left for a long time … He already has a different woman. It seems to me that a man also appeared, but … Now, if my husband had left first! But he does not go to her! Crying … He says that he is used to me … But I feel sorry for him! Crying! That’s how we live…

The door swings open, a voice sounds: “No. 852, come on in!”.

– Oh, I went. I’m so worried !!! What if they don’t accept the victim?

Time is slow, but No. 852 leaves the office.

– What? Well? What did you say? Did you take the victim?

– No … Here, it turns out, a probationary period. Sent more to think.

– But as? And why? Why not right away?

– Oh, dear, they ask me: “Have you thought well? It’s forever! ” And I told them: “Nothing! The children will grow up, they will appreciate what their mother sacrificed for them. ” And they told me: “Sit down and look at the screen.” And there is such a strange movie! About me. As if the children had already grown up. My daughter married a distant land, and my son calls once a month, as if from under a stick, the daughter-in-law speaks through her teeth … I told him: “Well, son, so with me, for what?” And he told me: “Do not go, mom, into our lives, for God’s sake. What do you have nothing to do? ” And what should I do, I, besides the children, didn’t do anything ??? Well, didn’t the kids appreciate my sacrifice? In vain, did I try?

From the office door he heard: “Next! No. 853! ”

– Oh, now I … Lord, you completely unsettled me … Well then ??? Aw, okay!

– Come in, have a seat. What was sacrificed?

– Relationship…

“I see … Well, show it.”

– Here … Look, they are generally small, but very pretty. And fresh, unspoiled, we met only six months ago.

“Why are you sacrificing them?”

“For the sake of saving the family …”

– Whose, yours? And what, is there a need to save?

– Well yes! My husband has a mistress, for a long time already, he runs to her, lies all the time, there are no direct forces.

– And you?

– Well, what am I? Another person appeared in my life, kind of like a relationship with us.

“So you are sacrificing this new relationship?”

– Yes … To save the family.

– Whose? Well you yourself say, the husband has another woman. You have a different man. Where is the family here?

– So what? According to the passport, we are still married! So family.

– So everything suits you?

– No! No! Well, how can this suit you? I cry all the time, worry!

– But you won’t agree to exchange for a new relationship, right?

– Well, they’re not so deep, so, pastime … In general, I do not mind!

– Well, if you do not mind, then to us – even more so. Give your sacrifice.

– And they told me, you have a movie here. About the future! Why aren’t you showing me?

– Cinema here is different. To whom about the future, to whom about the past … We will show you about the present. Turn on, see.

– Oh oh! It is me! Oh my god, do I look like this ??? Yes, a lie! I take care of myself.

“Well, it is your soul that is projected onto the exterior in this way.”

– What, like that ??? Shoulders down, lips in a line, eyes dull, hair dangling …

“People always look like this if the soul is crying …”

– And what is this boy? Glorious one … Look how he snuggles up to me!

– They didn’t know, right? This is your husband. In the projection of the soul.

– Husband? What nonsense! He is a grown man!

– And in the shower – a child. And snuggles up like a mommy …

– Yes, he is in life like that! Leans against. Reaching out!

“So you are not to him, but he is to you?”

– Well, I learned from childhood – a woman should be stronger, wiser, more determined. She must lead the family and guide her husband!

“Well, that’s how it is.” A strong, wise, decisive mummy leads her husband boy. And scolds, and regrets, and sips, and forgives. What do you want?

– Very interesting! But I’m not his mom, I’m his wife! And there, on the screen … He is so guilty, and he is about to run to his lakhudra again, but I still love him!

– Of course, of course, this is how it happens: the boy will play in the sandbox, and will return home. To my mother Cry in an apron, obey … Okay, the end of the film. Let’s end our meeting. Will you sacrifice love? Do not change your mind?

– And the future? Why didn’t you show me the future?

– And you do not have it. With this present, your grown-up “baby” will run away, not to another woman, but to illness. Or not at all. In general, he will find a way to break out from under his mother’s skirt. Well, he also wants to grow a hunt …

– But what should I do ??? Why then will I sacrifice myself ???

– And you know better. Maybe you can be a mommy crazy! More than a wife.

– No! I like to be a beloved woman!

“Well, mommies are also beloved women, even often.” So that? Ready to make a sacrifice? For the sake of preserving what you have, and so that the husband remains a boy?

– No … Not ready. I need to think.

– Of course of course. We give time for reflection.

“Do you give advice?”

– Willingly and with pleasure.

– Tell me, what needs to be done to my husband … well, grew up, or what?

– Probably stop being a mommy. Turn to face yourself and learn to be a Woman. Seductive, exciting, mysterious, desirable. I want to give such flowers and sing serenades, and not cry on her warm, soft breasts.

– Yes? Do you think it will help?

“It usually helps.” Well, that is, if you still choose to be a Woman. But if that – you come! Your relations are wonderful simply, we will take them with pleasure. Do you know how many people in the world dream of such a relationship? So, if you decide to sacrifice in favor of those in need – we are asking for mercy!

– I’ll think about it…

, Tale of an unnecessary sacrifice. Simple and clear about how we ourselves are ready to ruin our lives

No. 853 is confusedly leaving the office, frantically clutching a relationship to his chest.

No. 854, dying of excitement, enters the office.

“I am ready to sacrifice my interests so that mommy will not be upset.”

The door closes … People walk around the corridor, clinging to their chest desires, abilities, careers, talents, opportunities – all that they are ready to sacrifice selflessly …

By Yazdan