WATER CHESTNUT (سنگھاڑے) Give strength to the veins

WATER CHESTNUT is one of the best plant species used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes in the Chinese herbal medicine. This species is commonly found in India and Thailand, but… Read more

GUM ARABIC (گوند کیکر) treatment for mouth ulcers, throat pain

For the last few years there has been a tremendous improvement in the quality of oral health care and the treatment of the gums and teeth. GUM ARABIC (traditional Oriental)… Read more

PHALI BABOOL (پھلی کیکر) Excellent for urinary disorders

Many women in America are trying alternative or herbal medicine for urinary disorders. These days, the pharmaceutical companies have responded to this increasing demand and they are developing many new… Read more

The best use of cardamom for Skin care.

A very popular spice for curry is the usage of LARGE CARDAMOM. It adds a wonderful flavor and aromatic qualities to the food. You can use it to enhance the… Read more

Herbal Medicine For Diabetes

Herbal medicine is used for a variety of diseases that affect humans. This type of medicine has been in use since the ancient times. Many different types of herbal medicine… Read more

Natural Herbs Benefits – Discover What Your Body Can Use to Improve the Health of Your Body

Natural herb’s benefits are more than just a buzzword. They are proven to help your body work better and in a healthier manner. They can help you feel more energetic… Read more
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Benefits Of Herbs – Can Herbs Help Me Live Better And Feel Better?

Many people wonder if there are any benefits to using herbs as medicine. Well, the truth is that there are. There are many benefits to using herbs as medicine, so… Read more